Tips for Organizing Garage Tools

Have you ever wanted to make some home improvement but couldn’t find your screwdriver? If you’re the type that spends more time looking for tools in the garage than working on the job, then these tips are for you.

If you want to keep your garage tools organized, set aside a space for them, such as a cabinet, battery recharging station, or a wall tool hanging system for a garage. If the rest of your garage space is clean and clutter-free, organizing your tools will be much easier.

Here are the most excellent tips for keeping your tools organized in your garage!

Make a Garage Organizing Strategy

While many of us have the most excellent intentions for keeping common areas in our homes, such as our garage, clean and tidy, busy schedules can make it challenging to remain on top of clutter throughout the year.

Set aside time so you can devote a whole day to your garage. You’ll find that the work to organize it goes swiftly, especially if you have a strategy in place. Pull out everything in the way and divide the room into zones for goods that can be discarded, recycled, donated, or organized.

Prepare for Clean-Up Day

Not having the necessary storage items is one of the most common mistakes individuals make and can be avoided with proper planning. It’s tempting to toss disparate stuff into a large bin to get the trash out of the way, but this might be inconvenient later when you’re looking for something specific. Prepare your bins, baskets, and garbage bags ahead of time, and devise a technique for grouping like items together.

Make sure you have adequate trash bags and cans, basic cleaning materials, empty boxes for gathering stuff for donation, and plastic containers in a range of sizes for storing when garage cleanup day arrives.

Categorize Garage Items

items, things, dishes, books, vase, things scattered on the floor

Recycling, sports and leisure equipment, camping gear, vehicles, seasonal decor, garden gear, and tools are all common categories. Examine items such as baggage and paint to see whether they can be stored elsewhere.

You should also consider interior painting options to make your garage walls look great.

Create a Customized Garage

If you don’t already have a custom garage, you should seriously consider getting one. You want your garage not only to look nice, but it should also be helpful and convenient. It’s one of those sections of your home where everything must fit and function well; else, you’ll have a significant headache every time you go to park your car.

Fear not; those of you who have garages that are currently disorganized or borderline chaotic can be changed into useable space with the help of a professional designer who will customize storage areas to meet your specific needs. Typically, you will have an in-home consultation to discuss your budget, design preferences, and what items you need to be effectively kept.

This is the one of the most effective life hacks to utilize all of the space in your garage, keeping everything in its proper position while leaving enough room for your car.


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The garage is usually used as a dumping ground for all kinds of equipment that the house can’t manage, which is one of the reasons why people misplace their tools. The list continues on and on with sports equipment, fishing gear, and children’s toys. However, you can have custom garage cabinets made that will allow you to neatly store your unused items and close the door on clutter. You’ll be less likely to misplace your tools if your workspace is well-organized.

Cabinets are also an excellent place to keep tools since they protect them from dust, the elements, and other hazardous elements in the air that could destroy them.

Wall Tool Hanging System

tools hanging on the wall, various tools, wood wall

The most obvious benefit of having a system for hanging equipment in your garage is that it keeps your garage tidy. A garage full of carelessly placed, poorly kept shovels, rakes, and tools piled on workbenches and shaky shelves looks the worst. You’ll feel pleased when you see everything off the floor and workstation and neatly stacked against the walls.

Another benefit of a garage hanging system is that it keeps your automobiles safe and secure. You don’t want tools to fall on your children, animals, or automobiles. The price of a good tool hanging system is considerably outweighed by the consequences of any of those incidents.

Overhead Storage 

The ceiling is another area of the garage that is underutilized. You can store objects overhead on storage racks if you have limited wall space and there is just no room for anything else. Bicycles, fishing rods, and other large goods can be stored on your storage racks, freeing up space in other areas of your garage for equipment. You can save specific tools overhead if you realize that you aren’t using them as much. Gardening and power tools are examples of these tools.


If you’ve already arranged your garage, but you still have so much stuff that you’re losing all of your equipment, it’s time to brush up on your organizational abilities. Color-coordinate your workstation for different types of equipment and household objects is one of the best things you can do.

Cleaning supplies should be kept in the green section of your garage, while DIY equipment should be kept in the blue section of your workbench. It may appear simple, but this will significantly assist you in putting your tools away and storing them in the proper location.

Totes with Labels

Some tools are inconvenient to hang on a pegboard wall, or they just won’t fit. Inside clear plastic bins, organize oddly sized objects like paint rollers and chalk tubes. And make use of an open shelving unit to store the totes.

Even though the totes are clear, spending time identifying each container is beneficial. This step will significantly increase the likelihood that you or your senior parent will return the tools to their proper locations.

Battery Recharging Station

Cordless power tools are great if you remember to keep track of the batteries and charges. Create a customized charging station for your most often used power tools, and make sure to include an outlet so that the storage space is usable.

This wall unit is ideal for storing a limited number of power tools. If you have a lot more cordless tools than this, you might need something more substantial.


Before throwing them away, people frequently use the garage as the end destination for useless household items, but they can sometimes sit there for years. If this describes you, maybe it is time to sort things out. Give away any stuff that may be useful to others and discard the rest.

You’ll have an easier time finding your tools once your garage is clutter-free, and you’ll create a friendly and functional home for your family.