Safety Jewelry Items For Elderly People To Wear

Why must something as abstract as age crush your desire to adorn yourself with fine items of jewelry? If you have a deep love for elegant and fashionable jewelry, we are here to tell you that age has nothing on you. It’s time you got back in the game!

Many elderly people are of the belief that older age means giving up on your appearance, style, and grooming. There is a general acceptance of the notion that jewelry is not for the elderly. Apparently, they are past that age of enjoying such luxuries. Do not let the senior-ness dictate your life!  

Now, jewelry can often be a hassle and a source of discomfort or irritation for older people. Given that older people are frail and have delicate skin, jewelry items can be harmful to them. This fear feeds the rigid principle of “no jewelry” for older people. 

But what if there are jewelry items out there in the world that will not cause any discomfort?  Did you know there exists jewelry for sensitive skin? Breathtaking items made of gold, silver, diamond, and what-not that are completely safe to sport? Yes, it’s all there, waiting for you!

Jewelry for Elderly Women. Wear it and Flaunt it!

You are still as beautiful as ever and deserve to enhance your beauty with the jewelry of your liking. While certain types of jewelry items may no longer appeal to you, there are still a myriad of options to choose from! With our guidance, you will definitely be able to find the jewelry item that matches your taste. 

So, here are some options of jewelry for elderly women that will hands-down get you itching to try them!

Brooches for an Elegant Look

Brooches for an Elegant Look

Brooches are one jewelry item that elderly women can never go wrong with. This piece of jewelry adorns you in class and style and the best part is that it’s nowhere on your skin! Instead of wearing it directly, you pin it to your clothes and let it work its magic. 

Brooches not only keep you safe from nicks or other jewelry injuries but also make a distinct fashion statement. Although not every brooch will suit your style, however, there’s a wide variety to choose from. 

From vintage designs and elegant pearl brooches to hand-painted and modern ones, the choices are abundant and the decision is yours. Pick a brooch that suits your personality, your attire, and the occasion. 

This jewelry item fits every occasion, from a gathering at your home to a fancy event outdoors. A brooch will bath you in glamour. 

Classy Long Necklaces 

Classy Long Necklaces 

You may find that chokers and other neck-hugging necklaces no longer suit you. They probably even make you look like you are trying too hard to pass for a 26-year-old. But does that mean you need to forego necklaces altogether? Absolutely not!

The perfect necklaces for older women should rest below the collar bone or fall lower. Long pendant necklaces or those with a precious jewel attached to them exude class. Moreover, they make you look extremely graceful and elegant, a vibe that many elderly women strive for.  

Long necklaces are one of the best options of jewelry for sensitive skin. Since they don’t cling to the neck they aren’t a cause of irritation. Furthermore, these necklaces minimize the risk of choking or damaging the skin by digging into it. 

Another great factor for elderly people is that there’s no hassle of clasps to deal with in longer necklaces. You can put them over your head and forget about them as they loosely hang around your neck, making you look fantastic!

Bracelets of Style

Bracelets of Style

For a glamorous yet minimalistic look, bracelets are the best choice of jewelry for elderly women. Bracelets exude a very modish look, especially given the ever-new trendy designs that keep coming up. 

Bracelets that hang loosely around your wrist prevent them from biting down on your fragile skin while they make you appear charming. Additionally, you can get fancy bracelets in various materials so even if they cling tightly to your skin, they don’t harm it. 

Ultimately, choose bracelets that are friendly to your skin. If it is a simple bracelet that makes your wrist look empty, you can wear several at a time. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. 

Extra Safe Jewelry for Elderly People

Extra Safe Jewelry for Elderly People

Be they younger or older women, everyone deserves to adorn themselves with divine pieces of jewelry. This means jewelry items should accommodate the needs of all, and they do!

When browsing accessories for yourself or elderly people you know, make sure to look for jewelry items with the following features:

Magnetic Clasps

Like longer necklaces, that save you the trouble of clasping the tiny little clasp (you can just slip them over your head), magnetic clasps are also a blessing. 

For older people, clasping can be exhausting, especially with shaky fingers. This makes magnetic clasp necklaces a much-needed convenience. Particularly with people who have arthritis, jewelry with magnetic clasps gives them a chance to beautify themselves as well. 

Clip-On Earrings

At an older age, you may want to avoid poking a new hole in your ear as you try to wear your earrings. As such, clip-on earrings are a great choice! They are easy to put on and take off and you don’t have any tiny complicated clasps or posts to manipulate. 

In addition to that, it is important for elderly people to avoid wearing heavy earrings. They can add a lot of weight to your ears. Apart from straining your ears, they can also permanently stretch the piercing hole.

Adjustable rings

 Rings are the most queenly and fashionable jewelry item. Fingers adorned with beautiful rings look absolutely divine! However, rings can often get stuck or become too tight so they stop blood circulation. 

With elderly people, this can be a big issue. This is where adjustable rings enter to save the day! These can be opened and closed to perfectly fit your fingers and look pretty on them.  

The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to buy new adjustable rings. You can get the already purchased rings that don’t fit you customized at a jewelry store to make them adjustable. 

Choice of Metal

When it comes to any item of jewelry, the metal component can be a big issue. If you are allergic to certain metal, you can experience a mild or severe reaction upon wearing jewelry made from that metal. 

This mostly occurs in jewelry items such as earrings and rings. The allergic reaction from a ring can be seen on your finger as it turns a shade of green. Moreover, earrings can cause a rash in your ears.  

However, you can customize jewelry for sensitive skin. Find out which metals you are allergic to, and avoid those when getting your jewelry made. But don’t worry. There are abundant materials you can choose from! 

Final Word

After a certain age, your preferences and lifestyle change. Suddenly, some items of jewelry might repel you or make you think they are just not your style anymore. And that is okay because it is time to discover a new style for yourself.

In any case, the reason you do not wear jewelry anymore should not stem from the fear of it hurting you, making you allergic, being unsafe, or simply that it will look tacky. You may have gotten older, we all do and will at some point, but you have still got the looks and the beauty because that was always there to stay! 

So, discover the new you, explore and experiment with different items of jewelry. You will eventually find a piece of fashionable jewelry that feels like it was made just for you. Grab it, hold on to it, and proudly flaunt it!