Best Recreational Activities for the Elderly

Reaching the age of sixty and beyond does not necessarily mean that one should stop exploring the outside. For most of us, age is just a number, and we can still do many things that we never even tried before. 

In this generation, older adults experience a diverse spectrum of life experiences. Some elderlies travel to see and discover the vast cultures of the world. Others do crazy and daring adventures like parasailing, parachute diving, and bungee jumping. Some keep a sculpted body hitting the gym regularly, and some start leading a more peaceful and calm life on their tiny house – away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Of course, some people begin to suffer the consequences of their younger self’s lifestyle. Approaching old age, they begin to develop chronic diseases that impede their usual way of life. Some families even choose to seek help from assisted living facilities to give them the proper care and attention they need. Regardless of where they are and who they’re with, our elderlies still deserve to spend their time enjoying life in fullness and satisfaction. Gone are the days where we expect them just to sit there all they long, looking back at the memories of the past. With these recreational activities, we can allow our elderly to enjoy and have fun, despite the limitations.


three people outdoors, on a walk

“When your legs don’t work like they used to before,” sings Ed Sheeran; one of the excellent ways to deal with it is to exercise your muscles so that you won’t completely lose your leg power. Having regular walks can improve your condition, but you can top it up by joining walking clubs near your area. Walking clubs are a fun way of meeting new persons and gaining new knowledge and experiences. The people you meet within the club could give you some advice and tips on how to improve your quality of life. Walking clubs also promote safety, especially for women and seniors. It also motivates them by positive peer pressure among the members. 


At an old age, we begin to seek that which we find to be essential and meaningful. Sometimes we just want to change the way we see things and discover a whole new perspective. We can make this possible by practicing meditation and yoga. Attending group classes that teach yoga and meditation allows us to maintain social interaction with other people while enjoying the calming benefits of the practice. Finding inner peace is essential, yes, but so is physical interaction with others. It helps us remain connected with the community we live in.


Another clever way to maintain one’s connection to the outside world is through joining book clubs where you share the same nerdy passion about books and fictional universes with other members. Book clubs allow elderlies to stay mentally sharp by giving them opportunities to share their ideas and opinions about the books they read. It also creates a bond within the community of avid readers, which could inspire other elderlies and even younger generations.


One fun way to spend a dull afternoon is to let the elderlies grab their canvasses and brushes for an art fiesta. It can even be more interesting and exciting when we let the grandkids get involved. Art making is therapeutic and can help people express their emotions and thoughts through brushes and strokes. Creating art with others allows the elderly to feel relevant and present, filling in the gap that most of them feel brought about by the anxiety of getting old.


an old man blowing a dandelion seed in the meadow

It doesn’t mean that they’re in their sixties; they are not entitled to beauty sessions anymore. A special day of hair treatment, manicures and pedicures, facials, and skin treatments once in a while is more than enough treats to make their day complete. Letting them feel that we celebrate self-care, beauty, and wellness strengthens our bond with them, allowing for more opportunities to create beautiful memories.


Elderlies with limited physical mobility can still do things on their own, for instance, gardening. Plants and flowers are said to have therapeutic effects on people who are in their old age. Having a beautiful garden space at your home gives them a perfect venue to be alone with themselves while tending the plants. It also offers them a sense of achievement, especially when the flowers bloom and give other aesthetics to the home.


Crafting and making something (especially for the grandkids) can also be an excellent recreational activity for our elderly who have difficulties walking. With all the time in the world, they can tap into their creativity to develop DIY things that can be their source of pride. For example, our seniors can try knitting cute little stuff for the grandkids. They can also have fun in jewelry-making, pottery, sewing, and origami. This way, they can exercise their arms and hand muscles and express their craftsmanship and artistry.