Top Benefits of Garden Water Fountains for Seniors

When talking about water fountains, what may come to your mind are those large, extravagant marble structures in parks, museums, or buildings. Yet, their function as an elegant and impressive water feature to add in a landscape transcended that. Today, they are now popularly used as a stunning accentuating piece in lawns and gardens. They come in various types, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, all set to beautify your space.

And, apart from their majestic look, they bear many benefits to the people dwelling in the home, especially our beloved seniors. To let you know more about these advantages, read on and discover the top benefits of garden water fountains for seniors, proving why you should be incorporating one into your garden soon.

1. Peaceful and Relaxed Ambiance

Utmost relaxation helps seniors boost their immune system, lower risk for certain diseases, fight off depression and provide the mental clarity to help them make sound judgments. Get a water fountain for your garden and add plants and fishes to create a meditative refuge, which your senior loved ones can relish. The overall atmosphere and the calm, constant sound of the water flow are highly therapeutic, which can relax their body and mind. What’s great is that it can also be the focal space to spend more time with them, enjoy the sights, and do other relaxing activities. Thus, further alleviating their stress and anxiety.

2. Soothing Sound of Water

Noises from the traffic and street, get-togethers or parties from neighbors, barking dogs, and other annoyances can be detrimental for the elderly. Exposure to excessive noise pollution can result in elevated adrenaline levels, hypertension, extended and increased heart rates, and stress that can lower their immune system. Thankfully, garden water fountains can help drown out the unwanted, distracting noises surrounding your home. The sound from the water flow is often ample enough to suppress these unpleasant sounds. With that, seniors can still enjoy the serenity they need. Given that the sound of water is a natural psychological relaxant, they can unwind, rest properly and even fall asleep.

3. Attract wildlife

A garden water fountain usually entices lots of beautiful, chirping birds who drop by for drinking, playing, and bathing. Butterflies, bees, and wild animals may also stop by for a drink from the fountain. Having such wildlife available on the lawn or yard is beneficial for seniors, as it helps them get closer to nature and relax. Aside from the stress-relief, watching these animals aids in their mental health by allowing them to enter a state of mindfulness. For them to properly spot birds and other animals, they need to pay attention to the subject diligently. It exercises their mind in the process and keeps their thinking sharp.

4. Acts as natural humidifiers

Garden water fountains function as natural humidifiers. They regulate temperature and add moisture into the surrounding air, keeping it more comfortable to breathe for seniors, especially in dry environments. Unlike regular humidifiers, they don’t produce loud, buzzing motor sounds, distracting the elderly. Plus, garden water fountains don’t lead to mildew and mold build-up that can create various health risks, making them a healthy and eco-friendly addition to your home.

5. Negative ion production

Flowing or moving waters, such as rivers, waterfalls, crashing waves on beaches, rain showers, and garden water fountains, are natural negative ion producers. These negative ions are excellent for the older people’s health, as it clears the air from bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores, dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and other allergens. Beyond that, negative ions are also linked to increased serotonin production, which alleviates depression, improves mood, and increases energy.

Final Words

Garden water fountains are more than just mere decorative elements that provide charm and great aesthetics to your home. They offer various excellent health, social, mental, and psychological benefits to the elderly, which can incredibly improve their way of living. So, consider adding one into your yard, lawn, or garden, as it’s one of the most thoughtful decisions you can take for your senior family members.