Whimsical Wood Mouse Crafts

These wood mouse crafts made with a honey stick are fun for both men and women to do. Plus they’re perfect gifts you can make – see below for ideas to use these for. (Hint – you can even use the honey stick later, if made a certain way).

The materials are easy to find in craft stores, even thrift shops. Or think of what you may have at home to recycle that have similar shapes.

Wood Mouse Crafts Ideas

The Honey Stick Mouse


Wood honey stick
Small black pompoms (5) for nose tip and paws
Option: you could use all wooden pieces instead
Googly eyes
Wooden cone for snout
Flat wooden circles …or…
Black felt for ears
Red acrylic paint (and small brush) or marker for mouth
Optional: Pink acrylic to paint “insides” on ears
Wood glue, or glue gun, …or…
Removable glue dots (handy to have on hand)

These wood mouse crafts do require gluing. So…
First decide if you want to be able to use the honey stick later?
If you do, then use the removable glue dots (from a craft or office supply store). Glue dots come off cleanly and easily, and will adhere your pieces together strongly enough to make a whimsical presentation. Like giving the honey stick mouse along with a jar or two of special honey. Maybe in a basket lined with a cloth napkin. Then your recipient can simply take off the features from these wood mouse crafts later and really use the honey stick. (Except they’re so cute they may not want to! See more ideas for them below).


If you are not using glue dots, I personally like using a hot glue gun. This may not be safe for crafts for the elderly, so use wood glue instead.

These wooden mouse crafts are very easy to assemble. We show two different options:

One is with wooden ears and one with black felt ears. Your budget and availability of supplies will help you decide which to make.

I like to first wash the honey stick and let it dry thoroughly.
Glue the cone-shaped “snout” onto the flat front of the honey stick. Then attach 4 pompoms for the paws and one for the nose tip. As mentioned, if you like an all-wood look for these wood mouse crafts, then you can get wooden balls in various sizes at the craft store.
Next, glue on the googly eyes.

The ears get a dab of glue and then are set slightly in the groove of the honey stick. Either wood or black felt will work well. (See other mouse crafts with felt ears at this link).

If you’re using wood and want to paint pink “insides” onto the ears, do that first and let them dry well before attaching. Finally, use a red marker or red acrylic paint and brush to draw on a mouth. And that’s it! (Of course, you can attach the pieces in any other order that you’d prefer).

Other Uses

These little wooden mouse crafts can be used for other things too. Tie a piece of “invisible” nylon thread around the tummy area and make a loop at the end to turn it into an ornament.

Use them within a variety of centerpieces, especially those that include fruits and harvest vegetables in the summer and fall (after all, mice love to nibble). Or attach them to a wreath with thin craft wire for a whimsical touch.

And who says you can’t paint the wood first before putting these wooden mouse crafts together. Even with a few stripes and polka dots – they’re easy to paint.

How about a holiday theme like red, white and blue; or green and red. Painted orange and black, or all black, these wood mouse crafts are excellent for Halloween. Just add a nice big pillar candle, with some fall leaves or small pumpkin around the base. Or anything spooky you may have around.

You could even put these mice on top of an amusing birthday cake. For themed mice, you may want to use candies for the body parts and features. Stick them on with a little squirt frosting in a tube to serve as “glue.”

If you’re going to actually use the honey stick for honey later, the frosting can then be easily washed off. The large pastel mints can be used as ears, and any round candies or gumdrops for paws and nose. If you like keeping the googly eye look, they can also be adhered with squirt frosting.

These little wood mouse crafts make wonderful activities for seniors, but also kids love to make them. And, as mentioned, they’re great gifts you can make.

Wooden Mouse Bookmark

This cute mouse is made with several wooden beads, plus a few more basic materials. And googly eyes for reading a book. He (or she) is very easy to make, and is perfect for kids too. They also make a popular gift! You can make these wood mouse crafts in different sizes, for different sized books. See all the details on our mouse bookmark craft page.

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