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Winter senior activities are much more than just the holidays in December! Get cozy inside with special events, games, party ideas, crafts, fun recipes and food.

There’s lots to do after all the festivities are over and the long months of January and February set in.

We’ll give general ideas to plan your winter senior activities any time throughout those months. And also link you to the individual months, complete with calendar dates and special national or international commemorative events for each month.

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Our Winter Senior Activities

General ActivitiesFor any Month

Here are a few general winter senior activities that you can do during any month throughout the winter. If you’re looking specifically for holiday ideas as well, see our page at Winter Holiday Activities for Seniors.

snowflake pattern

Snow Days — Whether you live in a snowy climate or not, you can create a Snow Day festivity for your winter senior activities.

Snow décor can include using lots of cotton in centerpieces as snow. Snow can also be from potato flakes; sugar cubes make cute igloos. Tree branches can be painted with white glitter paint, then inserted into white pots or put on other types of stand. Add cotton for snow. Perhaps an artificial bird or two. Or snowy owl. Penguins are a fun addition too.

Make collages with artificial pine branches or sticks, pine cones, cotton snow, and cut-outs of bird images (old greeting cards are great for this).

And watch some snow themed movies — Snow Geese, A Story of Home; The Snow Queen, Disney’s Frozen.

And read Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening (“The woods are lovely, dark and deep; but I have promises to keep…”).

A snowflake theme day — Even if you live in a warm climate. The color scheme would be white and shades of blue. Making cut snowflakes out of folded paper and hanging them or using them for other decorations are easy winter senior activities that almost anyone can do.

The snowflakes can also be used at tables, under the silverware settings, under a desert plate, or within centerpieces. Stretching out cotton from rolls or cotton balls provides artificial “snow.” And see some of our snowman ideas (including with marshmallows) on the simple Christmas crafts page.

Treats — Make Rice Krispy snowmen, and/or a snowman cake using 2 round cakes. Use lots of marshmallows in desserts and salads.

Try white chocolate strawberries (see our make chocolate covered strawberries page). While the white chocolate is still soft, sprinkle them with sugar to give the effect of glittering snow.

Or perhaps a white chocolate snow bunny?

Edible glitter can either be home made by taking about 1/s cup sugar and adding a drop (or two) of blue food coloring to give a pale icy blue look. Or order edible glitter from online.

Create snowmen from stacking white powdered sugar donuts. Keep pieces together with toothpicks, or frosting that acts like “glue.” Add colored candles for faces, “gluing” them on with frosting applied with toothpicks.

And don’t forget white vanilla ice cream. Perhaps with a little coconut “snow.”

Besides hot coco, coffee and tea, try making some mulled wine (we have a non-alcoholic version also).

Easy ice sculptures — Made using figurine molds from a craft store. You can even color the ice with a little food coloring before freezing, or add in a few candies. Stack them up or put some on raised surfaces to make them higher.

Be sure to display them in a tray or bowl of ice to help preserve them. Or simply float them in a bowl of punch. Making mini shapes to add into beverages glasses is also fun.

Do an ice snowman as an ice sculpture for the table. Something unique like this makes your winter senior activities more distinctive. Fill three balloons with water each one a different size. Freeze overnight. Peel off the balloons. Stack them together.

You may need to use a little sandpaper on them, or salt to smoothen the surfaces so they fit together. Make small holes in the head, to put in eyes and a carrot nose, and small holes on the sides of the body, inserting sticks for the arms. Also put on a hat, and maybe a scarf. Keep him in a large bowl full of ice on the table. The larger the ice sculpture, the longer it takes to melt.

Winter Festival — Have an indoor full winter festival. Use the ideas above, and also decorate in the cool colors of light blue and white, including crepe paper streamers. And plenty of snowflakes as your theme, of course.

The faux ice-look candles are perfect for this. A variety of white flowers is beautiful.

You may even find a local artist who can demonstrate how they do ice sculpting. Arrange music (especially live if possible), and even a little dancing.

….Craft –– If you want an “ice look” craft, it’s easy to create ice angels using clear glass vases, candle holders, etc. See how at our Elegant Glass Angel Craft page.

Your festival might also include“ a white elephant” sale or craft booths. Kids and families love to attend these events too.

This is an excellent time to have a silent auction and do some fund raising at the same time. Popular winter senior activities involve different ways to make a gift basket (or several) as auction or raffle items or give-aways. Baskets aren’t just for the holidays.

Painting on Glass — If you’d like to make your own wine glasses or goblets (even simple ones on plastic-ware), you can learn easy ways at our page about how to paint glass. The example here features a “snow” texture with a basic snowflake design over it.

Learn the steps and then use your own designs instead if you’d like. We also show lots of other easy theme. Try inexpensive vases, bowls, etc. as well. I get my glassware at dollar stores and thrift stores.

Ice skating events — Check out the local ice arenas and see if any of the ice skating classes put on shows or recitals. Like they do locally here. If they haven’t before, they may consider doing it.

If your group is able to go out on a field trip during the winter, watching an ice skating show is lots of fun. Later, serve hot cocoa or cider along with treats like cookies.

Indoor Picnic — Have an indoor picnic! Your winter senior activities can provide a little escapism from the winter chill. Just pretend it isn’t there for awhile. Have a picnic basket display, bottles of wine or non-alcoholic drinks at the tables, picnic themed tableware, napkins etc.

Plan whatever your particular group likes to do on a picnic, including a few games. Serve picnic food like hamburgers, hot dogs or fried chicken, a variety of picnic-y salads.

…For dessert, good ‘ole apple pie; or maybe s’mores (with a twist), which can also be made in the microwave. See how to make s’mores the gourmet way.

Bring In The Tropics — Sometimes winter senior activities used to involve travel to a warmer climate, but many may not be able to travel anymore.

So bring the tropical feel to you and have a luau right where you are! We have many good luau ideas on our website shared by one of our readers.

Another possibility…There’s nothing like a warm bowl of chili in the cold months, so why not have a chili fest. Perhaps even a fiesta party with a Mexican theme.

English Tea — Have a toasty warm English style afternoon tea. Dress up if you’d like. And use the best tea cups, and nice tablecloths, placemats, napkins, etc . Obtain a few teapots to adorn the tables (even fill them with flowers or artificial foliage). And serve plenty of small sandwiches, pastries and cakes, scones, crumpets, and other favorite treats.

Grow an Amaryllis — (or any indoor garden). The stately amaryllis comes in many different colors, but red seems to be rather popular. They’re easy to find starting in early December in many stores, just in time for the holidays.

You can get them in easy-to-use kits, simply planting the bulb and watching it grow. When it gets going, even a half-inch to an inch per day! Really fun to watch. And they last for weeks. So the results of this activity can last into the other winter months as well.

Games — Games are popular winter senior activities, and many can have a theme. See our page on elderly games and find ways to modify them for winter.

Ideas may include tossing ping pong “snowballs” into a basket of cotton snow. Whoever gets the most in, wins.

Put a ping pong ball on top of a large plastic bottle. Draw or make a line several feet away. Toss a ball at it to knock it down. If desired, weigh down the bottle with pebbles or sand, so only the ping pong ball can be knocked down. More challenging!

Likewise, a jumbo marshmallow snowball toss is fun.

Do an easy balloon toss game using white balloons; perhaps draw on snowflakes with blue markers. Toss them across a line on the floor, or volleyball net. And keep score, vs. who drops the balloon the most.

Provide plenty of word games, word searches, Pictionary, etc.,  using winter words, such as skates, snowman, snowflake, mittens, sled, ice, icicles, etc.

Crafts — And don’t forget crafts. They make great winter senior activities. The snowflake theme is always popular, as well as snowman (and not just for the December holidays). They are especially popular to make for a winter festival or party.

Or you might want something totally unrelated. Get more winter senior activities on our easy craft ideas page.

Projects for Charity — Doing something for others is a great pastime for winter senior activities. Some in your group may be interested in using their knitting, crocheting, quilting and sewing skills to create items for those in need or who are in our armed forces. Including seniors who may be ill or home-bound. Or just plain lonely. You may be able to tap into larger organizations in the greater community to contribute to. A very easy project is making fleece blankets.

Host an In-Home Sale/Party — There are so many items to choose from to host a sale in your home or at a party or activity room. Try fashion jewelry, clothing, home decor, aromatherapy products, crafts, etc. Then you don’t have to go out to shop! And be sure to serve treats.

Winter Gala Ball – Winter is a perfect time to host a special dance where folks can get dressed up in their best finery, perhaps with a little glitz, and attend a fabulous party with dancing, or at least special music. You may be able to get live musicians or singers as well. Or have a sing-along.

This is the time to serve special food and treats. Be sure to see our page all about party theme ideas to get more possibilities for a gala.

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