Easy Wine and Chocolates Party!

A wine and chocolates party is very well attended – and quite versatile to fit your needs, including with non-alcoholic selections. It can be either casual yet elegant, or more elaborate.

Whatever way you choose, these parties are popular activities for seniors. And also make great events for the public, including as promotions for your group or campus, or with fund raising.

This party is simple to include within other themes too – such as different holidays like Valentine’s Day, winter holiday traditions, anniversaries and birthdays.

Or just for no particular reason at all! And of course with chocolates, one needn’t feel quite as guilty indulging, since there are actually health benefits of chocolate, as you may have heard. Great for family settings, clubs, or if you’re an activities director, for a group or campus.

Wine and Chocolates Party Ideas


Get out your best tablecloths and fancy napkins for a wine and chocolates party — or purchase nice paper goods at a party store.

Also get out your best wine glasses, dishes and platters. (However, if you’re not able to use glass wine glasses, nice plastic types will be fine).

Displaying the chocolates adds decorative ambiance. Perhaps you have special dishes. If you have a tiered serving platter, it’s a striking way to display and serve your chocolate desserts.

Candles always add ambiance – I prefer the flameless battery kind for safety. If you or one of your group have fancy table lamps or candelabras, they can be an added touch.

A fancy chocolate cake can also serve as a centerpiece.

The Wine

At your wine and chocolates party, be sure to offer at least a couple kinds of white and red wines, both dry and sweet, some light and some more heavy bodied. Here are some examples:

  • Light body wines – Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling
  • Medium body – Merlot, Zinfandel, some Chardonnays
  • Heavy body – Port, Cabernet Sauvignon, some Chardonnays
  • Champagne or sparkling wine – There are many to choose from and vary in price. Perfect for holidays too.

Other nice additions are a red port, sweet sherry, sweet Marsala, or framboise (French for raspberry), which is actually a raspberry flavored liqueur or brandy. (One of my favorites!)

Be sure to also offer non-alcoholic juices and sparkling beverages for guests who prefer them.

Consider asking a local liquor store (or winery!) to come out and give a presentation. They may require a guaranteed minimum attendance, and they may also want the option of selling wine at your event.

But it will be very instructional as well as fascinating, and many varieties of wine will be available to taste (and buy).

The Chocolate

You can, of course, buy a variety of candies, cookies, and cakes at the store or bakery to serve with your wine. Chocolate can come in a variety of colors – white, brown, pink. And specialty colors for holidays. Colors will make your tables look very festive.

Another easy option for a wine and chocolates party is to do it pot luck style — just have each guest bring a favorite chocolate concoction and share them.

Offer at least 5 or 6 chocolate desserts. Here are a few favorites: chocolate mousse, truffles, mints, brownies, fudge (including white chocolate), bundt cakes, German chocolate cake, and chocolate-cherry cake.

And chocolate dipped items like strawberries, nuts, and pretzels (see links below for making them). You could also have everyone bring a chocolate recipe along too, then swap!

Want fun food activities?

Learn to make chocolate covered strawberries, or dipping chocolate, (i.e. pretzels and fruits).

See some more delicious chocolate recipes on our web site submitted by our readers:
Brandy Chocolate Custard — An excellent somewhat indulgent dessert!
Rich Chocolate Cheesecake — Cheesecake lovers will certainly love this one; easy to make too.
Fabulous Fudge — This fudge recipe has all kinds of goodies in it.

Don’t forget some sugar-free items too. You can find sugar-free candies and chocolates in most grocery stores and chocolate shops. If you are baking from scratch, be sure to make some items with a substitute sweetener for those who have dietary restrictions. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

To really make a statement for any dessert type party…

Consider renting a chocolate fountain from a party rental service. They’re fabulous, come with full instructions and are easy to use. Or buy one – it will get a lot of use if you have parties. Prices range from about $30 up.

Just about everybody loves wine and chocolate – you might want to consider an RSVP for this party — it will be a popular one!

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