Window Bird House

by Gerri

Hanging a window bird house is an excellent activity, and the whole family enjoys it too. We started out by doing it as a project for my elderly mother in her apartment. She lives on a campus. But it is so fun that everyone in the family loves to watch it when they visit. And it’s become quite a conversation piece.

We got a plain window bird house from a mail order catalog. It has really strong suction cups similar to the kind on outdoor thermometers. The woman on the phone when I ordered it said hers has lasted for years. One side of the bird house is open, and that is the side that attaches to the outside of your window, so you can see into it. The opposite side (facing the outdoors) has the hole for the bird to enter.

You follow the instructions and adhere the bird house to your window so that you can see in. If you normally have a lot of activity and commotion near that window, they also provide a little panel, a privacy door or shade, that you install on the inside of your window. (You don’t need it if there’s not a lot of startling activity going on by the window). This covers the view into the bird house for the birds when you’re not watching. You slowly slide over the panel to cover the window, like at night. Or over to the side when you want to look in, as in the morning. This does not startle the birds if you do it slowly. They must get used to a little movement.

The window bird house came as plain wood, so we also did an activity of painting it, which my elderly mother enjoyed helping with. It also will protect the wood. Then to attract birds, we took just a little grass from outside, a twig, and a shiny strand of red tinsel and put it into the house before we hung it. (We used disposable vinyl gloves so we wouldn’t get any human scent on anything). We also put in a little bird food. It took a couple weeks and then the birds came in! We think it was a wren. Birds do most of their nesting in the spring. Although someone told me birds might find these in the winter too, to get away from the cold, although they don’t make an actual nest.

So this little window bird house turned out to be a lot of fun!

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