Wanted – Genuine English Scone Recipe

by Liz

I’d really like to get a real English scone recipe. I’ve been to England a couple times, and the scones they make there are fabulous. Not anything like most of the ones you get in the U.S. Which are dense and hard by comparison. The scones I had in England were really light, sort of soft in the inside, but crusty on the outside.

I’d asked the lady who made them how she did it. She’d given me the recipe – but that was years ago and I’ve lost it. She said the trick to keeping them soft and nice was to work the dough quickly. I’d really like to try making my own REAL scones.

I read this web site had visitors from all over the world, so I’m hoping someone from England will see this and will be able to share a recipe for real English scones. (I know it may not be so-called the “healthiest” – but then again, scones are like comfort food. So I guess that’s healthy too in a way!)

Also – if you have any tips for making them turn out well, I’d sure appreciate that too! Thanks in advance!


  1. I saw your request for a scone recipe.This is a real scone recipe made with raisins that I have been using, and it is delicious.You can serve them warm with butter and also jam, if desired. Wonderful for tea, breakfast, or snacks. This recipe is quite easy to make for just about anyone.

    This recipe is from Scotland’s Enchanting Kingdom. It uses raisins, but you don’t need to include them if you want them plain. The trick with scones is to mix the dough thoroughly, yet handle it quickly and as little as possible, trying not over-working the dough.


    1lb / 500g self-raising flour
    4oz /125g butter
    4oz 125g caster sugar
    8fl oz / 250ml milk
    5oz / 150g raisins
    12g / ½oz baking powder
    Large pinch salt

    [How to Make Them]

    Sift into a bowl:flour, baking powder, salt
    Rub in the butteruntil you’ve made fine crumbs
    Make a dip, or well into the centre of the mixture
    Dissolve the sugar in the milk, then add it in
    Then mix the flour with the milky sugar
    Add the raisins, and thoroughly mix all ingredients
    Put the dough onto a floured board
    Form a large round shape with the dough, about ¾ in / 2cm thick
    Using a scone cutter (about 2in / 5 cm) and cut into circles
    Place the rounds on a greased pan
    Lightly knead together the rest of the dough and cut more scones until the dough is all used
    Brush the tops with milk
    Preheat oven to 220C/425F
    Bake for 12- to 15 minutes until the scones have raised well and are golden
    Cool them on a wire rack

    Scones are very nice to serve with tea, or also with breakfast. They’re a good old-fashioned, traditional treat that elderly folks do enjoy.

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