Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece

lollipop valentine's day craft

This whimsical lollipop valentine centerpiece is really two crafts in one. You can paint the clay pot too! And there are many variations to decorate this project. Use it on the mantle, food buffet, or on a table. If you have a long table – make two or three!

This centerpiece also makes a great give-away or door prize. Plus, the best part is that you can eat it later! Perfect for your senior activity ideas.

You don’t have to paint the pot for this valentine centerpiece – you can use it with its natural terra cotta coloring. Perhaps just paint the rim, or attach ribbon and stickers. But if you want to learn an easy way to paint it, read on…

Valentine Centerpiece Steps

Painted Pot

This valentine centerpiece, as shown in the photo, has a really easy painted clay pot.
You will need:

  • Acrylic paints (Liquitex is a good brand) of your choice of color(s). Suggestions are white, “portrait pink,” or else mix white and red paint to make pink. Or just red paint will work too.
  • Optional – palette knife, if you are mixing paint colors
  • Square of ordinary kitchen sponge, about 2 inches square
  • Small plastic picnic plate to use as a palette
  • Water jar, and rag
  • Medium sized clay pot with tray
  • Water-base, clear craft varnish to seal painted pot
  • Valentine stickers, (or a stencil to paint on hearts)

Before painting the clay pot for the valentine centerpiece, wipe it clean with a slightly damp paper towel to remove any dirt or grip. Dry. Squirt some paint onto the plastic picnic plate that you are using for a palette (this is cheap and easy).

Dampen the sponge squeeze well, and dip into the paint. Then sponge paint over the entire pot (not the inside) and its tray. Also paint the bottom of the pot. It will show since the pot will be turned upside down.

It actually looks kind of cool to let some of the terra cotta pot color show through. It does not have to be painted evenly. I love to sponge paint because it goes fast and doesn’t have to look perfect. Let the first coat dry for at least a half an hour. Apply a second coat.

I like to put two different colors over each other. For instance, white as the first coat, with pink over it. Let the pot dry thoroughly, at least another hour.

If you are going paint on hearts with a stencil (or free-hand) do it at this point. Then dry over night.

When the pot has dried over night, then brush on a coat of varnish. Dry again overnight. Then you can stick decorative stickers on to the valentine centerpiece pot, if you are using stickers.

(If you like to paint pots, get lots more ideas on our page all about painting clay pots).

Lollipop Flowers

The lollipop valentine centerpiece, of course, must include the lollipops – as flowers. We wrap candy ourselves and put them on tall skewer sticks, since standard store lollipops do not have long enough sticks.

You will need:

  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • 3 Long wooden kabob skewers
  • Florist tape (or other strong tape), 3 strips about 6 to 8 inches long
  • 3 pieces of clear plastic wrap, cut in 8–inch squares
  • 3 8-inch pieces of green ribbon
  • 3 pieces of large round candy
  • Colored paper, cut into 3 flower shapes (for tops of candy)
  • 3 small green pompoms
  • 2 to 3 curly reeds (or any type of reed)
  • Large round doily for base

Lay down a square of plastic wrap onto the table. Place the round candy in the middle. Pull up the sides of the wrap and gather it tightly, inserting the skewer.

Wind florist tape tightly in place around the skewer and plastic wrap, tightly under the candy. Cut off any excess tape. When wound, trim down the ends of the plastic wrap if they are too long.

Curl and tie green ribbon around the tape to decorate it. Glue the flower shapes on top of the wrapped candy. Then the glue the pompom on top.

Turn the painted pot upside down on its tray. Insert the lollipop flowers and curly reeds into the hole. If the skewers are too long for your particular pot, they are easy to snap off or cut at the appropriate length.

Everything will stand up in the pot hole – no need for foam inside the pot. Place it all on top of the doily.

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