A SHARE FORUM – See what our readers share, with lots of interesting ideas about working after retirement, and some money-making activities for seniors, including how to get the word out and using skills you already have. We’d like to hear what’s worked…or not! Both are valuable. So just jump in and start typing in…Continue reading

Welcome to our special Forum where you can share your extra income ideas for retirees and seniors. (And for that matter, anyone else who’d like to participate!) We’ve had a lot of interest in working after retirement over the many months, so we did write a main article about that topic (see our main page…Continue reading

Part-time or full-time work after retirement is something many folks are looking to do (and not necessarily the same thing they were doing when in the working world). Others are looking for ways to earn extra money, yet may be having a hard time coming up with new ideas. Some people want to work out…Continue reading