Get some awesome summer senior activities. Including special arts and crafts, games, recipes, parties, plus making (and eating) foods and snacks! Great for either outdoors or in, if it’s hot. These ideas can be added to anything you might be doing throughout the summer. And if you want activities for the specific summer months, the…Continue reading

Find some new ideas for your July senior activities. Find crafts to games and outdoor activities, to summer food projects and parties. You’ll discover some here that go beyond the ordinary, and others that will please those with special interests. There’s sure to be something for everyone. All of our American readers will know about…Continue reading

August senior activities include a nice variety of themes and calendar dates. Something for just about any interest. And lots of fun food ideas too. Do as many outdoors as possible, or bring them inside if it’s hot. Just scroll down and see what’s happening! If you’re also looking for things to do outdoors, be…Continue reading