Welcome to our page about simple Christmas crafts for seniors and elderly (fun to do with kids too)! The craft supplies we use are inexpensive and easy to get, including at craft stores. Be sure to also see more Christmas crafts by following the link to our special page all about pinecone crafts – You’ll…Continue reading

Our holiday treats for seniors are easy and creative! You’ll see Santas, snowmen, trees, snowflakes, cookie ideas, more… brought together here from all over our web site so you don’t have to hunt around. The winter holidays are a perfect time for party theme ideas, so we have many treats on this page that are…Continue reading

Our snowman crafts for seniors and elderly can be made simply or fancier – you know your group. So take a look at these whimsical characters, both snow men and ladies, including some made out of treats (and using whimsical craft candy eyeballs is really fun!). We have several hat ideas too. The snowman is…Continue reading