Looking for great retirement ideas and activities?(We have retirement activities for everyone – even if you really don’t retire!) There are all kinds of possibilities and things to do out there. Here are a few fun ideas for any budget, with links pointing to even more options, below. When Dad came to live with me…Continue reading

Finding a hobby (a new one?) just right for you can give you a lifetime of enjoyment, far into your retirement years. The main thing to consider is what do you really like? Not what your family tree or best friend thinks you should like – It is for you! Do you think you’re not…Continue reading

Get a cool quote or retirement message — Lots of categories! Retirement is full of new activities, experiences and anticipations! And it may mean something different for everyone.  So if you’re planning a retirement party of giving a retirement gift or retirement card with a special message, we have dozens of quotes of all kinds….Continue reading

Learning and volunteer ideas go hand in hand. Either makes a great retirement activity too – even if you don’t retire.  Would you like to learn something new and volunteer at the same time? Or just do one or the other? To keep our memories and mental faculties in top shape, we need to keep…Continue reading

Autumn is a favorite season for many, and perfect for fall senior activities, games, parties. It’s an excellent time for crafts too, and art supplies are easy to get. The interesting items from nature, the pumpkins, gourds, apples, and bright colors. Also opportunities for all kinds of outings, and maybe new retirement ideas. Plus we…Continue reading

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Most every web site has a very special About Us story. So here is ours. My friend and consultant, Marsha, and I both experienced challenges with care for elderly parents at the same time. We’d both had many years of experience working with seniors in various ways. I was the manager and activities director of…Continue reading