Who doesn’t love a party?Get great party theme ideas, party decorations, games, and more. Make your party especially easy and fun! Maybe add a costume? (At least a party hat of some sort)! And most of these parties you can modify with no problem to fit the needs of your group, as well as for…Continue reading

Find some new ideas for your July senior activities. Find crafts to games and outdoor activities, to summer food projects and parties. You’ll discover some here that go beyond the ordinary, and others that will please those with special interests. There’s sure to be something for everyone. All of our American readers will know about…Continue reading

I first became familiar with how to make mulled wine when visiting Europe (I have German ancestry), where it is popular during the chilly months. Mulled wine is an old, historical beverage dating from at least the Middle Ages, and was used to warm you up from the inside out. It’s most typically a red…Continue reading

Get ideas about so much more you can do for your November senior activities! November is especially known for Thanksgiving, of course. But how about something new or unusual? (And it’s also a good idea to review the real Thanksgiving, which we know so much more about today. There are several documentaries available, and perhaps…Continue reading

Our February senior activities will help you fill your time with fun — even if it’s a shorter month. Things usually focuses around Valentine’s Day. But there is also so much more — themes for arts, crafts, recipes, parties, history, people, literature, movies, and more! And to get lots of craft ideas, go to our…Continue reading

A wine and chocolates party is very well attended – and quite versatile to fit your needs, including with non-alcoholic selections. It can be either casual yet elegant, or more elaborate. Whatever way you choose, these parties are popular activities for seniors. And also make great events for the public, including as promotions for your…Continue reading

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August senior activities include a nice variety of themes and calendar dates. Something for just about any interest. And lots of fun food ideas too. Do as many outdoors as possible, or bring them inside if it’s hot. Just scroll down and see what’s happening! If you’re also looking for things to do outdoors, be…Continue reading