by Celeste (California) I try to eat in the “zone”, balancing protein, carbs and fats all at once. So I made this up, since I was missing having ice cream shakes. Since there is a good amount of protein powder in it, it’s almost like a small meal! This is great for baby boomers (like…Continue reading

by Frank (Iowa) Rhubarb is one of my favorites, so here’s a great fresh rhubarb salad for those of you who grow it or get it, and maybe would like to have something new to do with it. But in the off season, you can also get the frozen rhubarb – it also turns out…Continue reading

by Marsha M ( MN) This is a great dessert type bread that is delicious for brunch or breakfast too! My family always asks me to make it because it is not only really flavorful but also really moist. And apples are easy to get all the time. Ingredients2 1/2 c. of sifted flour, 3/4…Continue reading

by Martha (Santa Barbara) This pumpkin dip can be used to dip all sorts of goodies. It’s reeeeallly yummy! Try it with apples (tart ones!), ginger bread pieces, ginger cookies, or spread it on different breads, such as sweet breads. BLEND TILL SMOOTH:1/2 cup brown sugar1 tsp cinnamonpinch ground cloves1/4 tsp ginger1/8 tsp nutmeg (or,…Continue reading

by Connie (North Dakota) These little dessert pizzas are very easy to make, and you can have lots of fun with variety and “decorating” them. I have to watch my sugar, so like to shop in the health food section. I use more natural cookies sweetened with fruit sugar or concentrates, or with honey. You…Continue reading

by Anna (CA) One of my favorite appetizers is this delicious prosciutto recipe, using it wrapped around fresh fruit so you get the taste of salty and sweet. If you are not familiar with what prosciutto is, it is an already cooked, thinly slice lunch meat similar to ham. My husband is of Italian background,…Continue reading

by Bobbi (Illinois) This savory recipe for fried tomatoes has been in our friend group for a long time, and everybody loves it. I know there are many ways to do fried tomatoes, and this is just one of them. It seems they are popular in the southern part of the U.S., and it may…Continue reading

This spicy gingerbread cake recipe is all-natural and can even use fresh, real ginger…(Although fresh ginger is not necessary), adding quite a zing to the flavor. And there are lots of ways to dress it up. It’s an excellent addition to your senior activities and parties. You may have noticed that our overall dessert recipe…Continue reading

by Jeanine (Tennessee) I love making apple slice snacks and dressing them up for a healthy in-betweener. Even a quick dessert. They’re delicious and very easy to make with lots of variety. And my elderly mom loves to help and of course eat them too. Basically, you first slice an apple into sections, either thick…Continue reading

by Mara (Pennsylvania) English muffins recipes make an easy (and creative) way to do breakfast or snacks, so here are several unusual favorites. And you can add your favorite stuff to them too. When I make these I slice the English muffin, put it all together and then stick them in my counter-top toaster oven….Continue reading