This towering strawberry and fruit kabob is both a craft and a food project! Fun for your senior activities. Strawberries are a versatile fruit to use for any occasion, so you can decorate this kabob for lots of holidays and parties. Nutrition — As we’ve discussed on previous pages, the strawberry is an excellent food…Continue reading

Our Valentines Day Desserts are simple but unique! If you need special Valentines Day ideas for treats and desserts (something to go along with those Valentine flowers or other Valentines Day gift ideas), then we just might have something here for you! Many of our desserts are made with fresh fruit, which is an important…Continue reading

Nowadays how to make ice cream is very easy, because there are excellent electric automatic ice cream makers out there. You put in little or no effort – no salt or ice needed. The work is done by electricity or a cranking paddle, and a special freezer bowl that you pre-freeze in the freezer before…Continue reading

This fresh, homemade cranberry relish recipe has been in my family for years. Sweetened only with pure maple syrup, it has a very special flavor. And it’s versatile – you can even use it in many different healthy dessert recipes. (It’s especially delicious in strawberry desserts). Cranberries have health benefits too, and are great for…Continue reading

Having easy edible flower recipes in your list of fun senior and elderly activities will add an interesting and probably new experience. They will add elegance and pizzazz to whatever you are serving, be it a full-fledged party or special dessert. And they’re especially fun to use in the winter when the bad-weather blahs may…Continue reading

This natural apricot bread recipe with almonds is both tangy and sweet, with very healthy ingredients. It’s made with both fresh apricots, which makes it very moist; and dried, which adds a little zest! (You can also use either/or instead of both). The theme of our recipes is “healthy,” and this one is no exception….Continue reading

Our Simple Banana Cake recipe is exactly that – simple. But it’s also natural and high in nutrition. Who says desserts can’t be good for you, and delicious! We’re also including a great family cream cheese frosting, and Mom’s broiled coconut frosting recipe – see below. Bananas are very high in nutrition. Most folks are…Continue reading

Our sweet and tart apple muffin recipe is all natural with ingredients guaranteed to make this a very healthy dessert option. Or serve them for breakfast or brunch. Learn the how to make them here. Apples, as we know, are one of the most nutritious fruits there is. “An apple a day” is not just…Continue reading

This scrumptious easy apple crisp is an old family recipe. I remember helping my Grandma (who lived next door) with it when I was little. She didn’t really have a “recipe,” of course.  Just winged it. Like women often did back in the day. Later we insisted on writing it down. (But naturally it will…Continue reading

This easy apple pie recipe (and I mean easy) can be as natural as you want it. It’s almost a no-brainer. You may have noticed that I like to use the word “easy” on this web site! I’ve used this recipe for years, preferring to bake with pure maple syrup. Or use natural stevia sweetener…Continue reading