Could you something new for your senior activity ideas? Here are two free frame images (see below) that are free for seniors and anyone else who visits and would like to use them! The frames were designed on the computer and are perfect for all kinds of projects including for elderly activities. Use either of…Continue reading

Welcome to our free photos page. Here we have several original photos for you to download to use for computer projects, photo crafts, or to print out. Use for any of your senior activities. Perfect for flyers, greeting cards, posters, or just emailing to friends with your message. These are all not only free for…Continue reading

Welcome to our free photo art page!Because our activities, art and crafts pages are some of our most popular, we like to provide all kinds of images and ideas that you can use in your activities. It seems just about everybody is looking for something different that they can try out. So on this page…Continue reading

Click here to view and download larger file. Could you use a few free art prints? Well we have several images for you on this page. We have found that people are always looking for new things and ideas to use for their projects and hobbies, especially if people are not artistically inclined themselves. So…Continue reading

Besides the free things on this web site – all free for seniors, families, caregivers, etc. – we also link you to other resources too. There is artwork, photos, e-frames and reading material — great for so many senior activity ideas. All of the images are copyright-free – I am the artist, and created them…Continue reading