Our holiday treats for seniors are easy and creative! You’ll see Santas, snowmen, trees, snowflakes, cookie ideas, more… brought together here from all over our web site so you don’t have to hunt around. The winter holidays are a perfect time for party theme ideas, so we have many treats on this page that are…Continue reading

A wine and chocolates party is very well attended – and quite versatile to fit your needs, including with non-alcoholic selections. It can be either casual yet elegant, or more elaborate. Whatever way you choose, these parties are popular activities for seniors. And also make great events for the public, including as promotions for your…Continue reading

Food activities and easy recipes are very popular for all ability levels! And we have a really nice selection of activities with food and easy recipes ideal for the elderly. They range from chocolate, to whimsical salads, to candy, to special cookies, to gourds, to apples. Ideal for parties, get-togethers, gifts, even centerpieces. And great…Continue reading

No doubt your December senior activities will include festivities for the holidays. But what about the rest of the month? Get easy arts and crafts with inexpensive craft supplies, food fun, games, recipes, gift ideas, plus special interests like music, history, literature, making a difference, and lots more. December Themes – Evergreen branches and trees,…Continue reading

Almost everyone knows how to make Smores (aka s’mores) – we have sincewe were little, around the campfire… roasting the marshmallow on a stick, andputting it between two graham crackers along with a square of chocolate, whichthen melts. But what if you don’t have a campfire? What if it’s off-season? Andwhat if you want something…Continue reading