These easy taco salad recipes are both fresh and nutritious. And ours have a few surprise ingredients that add a little out of the ordinary interest. Add in our easy sangria recipes, and you have some great fiesta party ideas! Taco salad recipes are always popular, and you can put just about anything in them…Continue reading

Elderly fiesta activities and parties are popular any season. Any time is a great time (especially in the winter when you wish it was warm out)! All you need are fun fiesta party items, plus Mexican food and recipes. Maybe some special party bags and party invitations. And, of course, pinatas. You can get many…Continue reading

With a few surprises, this yummy fish taco recipe is an alternative to the standard taco. And really easy! Have you ever tried fish tacos? I’m a picky eater and I loved them! They’re really easy to put together, and you can let your guests build their own. So these tacos are both very nutritious…Continue reading