Fun Games to Play with Seniors

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Seniors who play games can keep their cognitive capacities and delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The advantages of play are usually apparent in a short time. Games are also a terrific method to interact and share, which is especially important for individuals suffering the consequences of social isolation that’s all … Read more

Healthiest Diet for the Elderly

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You are what you eat. Fitness and wellness experts would often tell us that the food we give ourselves determines the kind of body we get. It applies to all of us regardless of age. But, the consequences of having a poor diet can be a lot worse for those entering late … Read more

Best Recreational Activities for the Elderly

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Reaching the age of sixty and beyond does not necessarily mean that one should stop exploring the outside. For most of us, age is just a number, and we can still do many things that we never even tried before.  In this generation, older adults experience a diverse spectrum of life experiences. … Read more

How to Deal with the Most Common Physical Issues Among Elderly

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Aging is a graceful phase for some. It is where people retire to a more peaceful life after realizing that everything they had struggled for when they were younger is now coming to fruition. However, for others, the process can be very challenging. Without a robust support system from family, some elderlies … Read more

Tips to Maintaining A Strong Bond with Your Grandparents

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Experts say that grandchildren and grandparents have measurable effects on each other’s psychological well-being, affecting the grandchildren’s adulthood. The two generations can positively and profoundly impact each other, but it is not always easy to ensure that this bond will always stay strong. That is why in this article, we are going … Read more

Mind Sharpening Activities for the Elderly

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There are several reasons why the elderly tend to experience cognitive issues. This cognitive can all be managed, delayed, or completely avoided by helping them to keep their brain active and engaged. In fact, some of these activities do not just help them; it also gives you and your loved one a … Read more

Learn About Different Ways The Elderly Are Treated Around The World

Different Ways The Elderly Are Treated Around The World

Growing old isn’t viewed the same in different places around the world. There are vast dissimilarities in how societies and cultures treat their elderly. In some countries, getting a streak of grey hair signals incompetence and senility, and old people often get the target of jokes. Others view the senior citizens as … Read more

What Countries Have A Pension Or Social Security System For The Elderly

What Countries Have A Pension Or Social Security System For The Elderly

Over 100 countries across the globe have a social security system or a kind of social pension designed to support its people of old age. Yet, each design, quality, and coverage varies greatly as each nation’s program is often anchored on its historical and economic context. With that, retirement is handled distinctively … Read more