A myriad of specific elderly nutrition problems tend to increase as we age — and proper nutrition is often more difficult to get. Nutrition (or lack of it) in our older loved ones is often hidden…And it may be difficult to discover exactly what it going on. When Dad first moved from Arizona into his…Continue reading

These timeless life lessons quotes by Regina Brett (first published in 2006 in The Plain Dealer) are so concise and so right-on with ways for how to get happy, that I just had to share them on my web site. Read each carefully, and you will see how each can increase your happiness quotient. And…Continue reading

Elderly nutrition is of utmost importance as we age in order to maintain our health and quality of life. I sure learned that when caring for Dad. But following a nutritious diet is not always easy. (I also learned that!) Especially for senior citizens. As we age we undergo sometimes sudden changes physically, mentally, emotionally….Continue reading