by Angie I have some really fun ideas for making chocolate spoons and ways to decorate them. It is an activity that is easy for most people to do, including kids and elderly folks too. You can use these treats for many kinds of occasions and parties. And they’re really nice as gifts you can…Continue reading

by Edith If you’re looking for a good winter activity for the elderly (especially for January and February activities), here’s one that our senior group did. A garden party in winter was perfect for us, since we live in the northern climate and it can get very cold here in the winter months (seems like…Continue reading

by Marian (Maine) One of our popular activities is to have a pickle tasting party. Especially if you have people in your group who make pickles (or know how to). And we don’t limit ourselves to just the cucumber type pickles either! Many senior groups have members who make (or used to make) pickles as…Continue reading

My 86 year old Dad is home bound but is still alert. He doesn’t know what to do with himself now that he is too frail to do his usual activity. He only knows how to work. He looks at hobbies as being a waste of time. He isn’t achieving anything. Does anyone have any…Continue reading

by Kathleen (Wisconsin) A window herb garden is a wonderful way to watch something grow in any season. And end up having something to eat too. You can grow these as a group or at your own window. I do group activities with elderly seniors on a campus in the Midwest, so our weather can…Continue reading

by Frank (New York) We found having an easy karaoke evening is a big hit. I was surprised how many of our elderly residents loved to sing. And watch others sing. Our age group ranged from 70’s all the way up into the 90’s, and even some of them wanted to share the limelight! Some…Continue reading

Our residents LOVE the game Penny Ante. You need to make up about 100 cards that say various things such as “Take a penny if you have blue pants on” “Give 2 pennies to anyone who has been to the Grand Canyon” “Give 5 pennies to the bank” “Get a penny if you like to…Continue reading

by Mary (WV) Seniors, start your engines! Nutrition – what is it? It is the key to our ‘go power’. At it’s best it can help us feel better, think better, move better and keep us going strong. Of course, the flip side to this is another story altogether. Poor nutrition or unbalanced choices can…Continue reading

by Rebecca (NJ) Here are some top luau ideas for a good party that we’ve had with our group. A luau is perfect to have any time of year, especially in the winter. Some guests may have lived or traveled to the South Pacific including Hawaii and will have some authentic ideas. Elderly love to…Continue reading

by A (DE ) Put some Elvis Presley (or other music) on and take out a coloring book! Talk to the elderly and make it a relaxing setting. They love that for those who do early shifts and who are doing activities. The elderly also loved it when I take out a white board and…Continue reading