Our easy craft ideas for seniors are perfect for all abilities.Welcome to “Crafts Central Get a variety of ideas with affordable craft supplies. This page points you to crafts for parties, seasonal and holiday crafts, fun food crafts, crafts for gifts, and more. Our Easy Craft Ideas… We have fall, winter, spring and summer crafts…Continue reading

Welcome to our page about simple Christmas crafts for seniors and elderly (fun to do with kids too)! The craft supplies we use are inexpensive and easy to get, including at craft stores. Be sure to also see more Christmas crafts by following the link to our special page all about pinecone crafts – You’ll…Continue reading

Gourd craft ideas are perfect for seniors and elderly! They’re fun all year round, but particularly make great fall craft projects. I love the lumpy, bumpy kinds that suggest all sorts of funny and weird characters. And these gourds so easy! And can be adjusted to all activity levels. Just take a look at the…Continue reading

Our apple craft ideas are more than just caramel apples! An apple is one of the most versatile fruits to use for crafts. And apples are available all year round. These apple projects are fun and easy ways to incorporate apples into your activities, and are really good for senior activity ideas. Take a look…Continue reading

Our easy pinecone crafts are perfect fall senior activities. Great for decorating the home, or for gifts, centerpieces, giveaways, and more. We’ll give you ideas that are both whimsical and elegant, and link you to other pinecone projects throughout our website. Be sure to also check out our page on Fall Senior Activities to get…Continue reading

Finding easy yet satisfying crafts for the elderly can be challenging…Especially for those who may need more help. The crafts for the elderly that you choose, the craft supplies you use, and the way you modify our ideas will depend on your group. We also sometimes offer other options and materials, and you may also…Continue reading

Flower templates and designs come in really handy…Do you like to do art or craft projects? If drawing is not your strength, or if you just need some new ideas for your arts and crafts for seniors and elderly, we have some flower designs here. About using these templates –Here are some guidelines for using…Continue reading

Crafts and gifts you can make are ideal – because hand-crafted gift items are so appreciated. Get loads of great ideas with… “Easy Crafts and Gifts”Plus“Bonus Templates and Patterns” You Get 2 Unique E-Books For One! Hand-crafted items are not only very meaningful to make and receive, but also economical. (And who can’t use a…Continue reading

Bird crafts and bird themes are popular with senior activities all year round. In fact, it was quite surprising! When we developed our Senior Activities By The Month pages, we learned that special monthly commemorations and calendar dates about birds came at unusual times. For instance, January 5 is National Bird Day! Here are a…Continue reading