by s.k (india) Editor’s Note Here is another wonderful submission of origami flower pots from our reader in India, who is very talented in this specialized art of paper folding. They are so colorful too! I have to say that I have not ever seen such fine examples! These projects would be really great for…Continue reading

by Erin (Wyoming) This fairy ornament decoration could also be an angel. It’s easy and made with a non-breakable ornament, so very good for elderly activities too. Hang it on the wall or door, or as part of a decorative wreath. If you mount it on a skewer or dowel, you can even stand it…Continue reading

by Marissa (USA) Almost everyone has some old CDs around. They’re fun to use in all kinds of crafts, being so shiny and catching light. This personalized door hanger with a person’s name is inexpensive and easy to make. This project would make a fun hanger for a front door or bedroom too. Or for…Continue reading

by Anne (CA) People get a kick out of this little bead-craft bookmark that looks like a worm – a bookworm, that is! It is about the simplest craft you can make, and is really fun to give away with a book. You can make these crafts with seniors or with kids too, they’re so…Continue reading

by s.k (India) pic.1This is a painting of Lord Unnikrishna. It is a fabric painting done on a cloth using fabric colours (which you can get at the craft store). I first drew the outline and then painted on it, using fabric colours with a brush. And then ironed it on the back of the…Continue reading

by Jessica (FL) These funny little food crafts are always a big hit, and you can give them away at the holidays. Since they have an egg theme, they’re cute at Easter too, maybe with a fluffy chick nearby. I have made them both with the really large sized pretzels and the regular sized. These…Continue reading

by Janelle (AZ) A hanging candy ball like this one is also an edible ornament. They make a special hand-crafted gift, or a party decoration. All it takes is a few simple materials, and you may have a lot of them around already. Because you’d be working with unwrapped candies (unless you want to use…Continue reading

by Marjorie (NC) This seashell frame craft uses just a few simple materials, and is made with craft sticks. It’s a good project to do with kids too. Then just add a photo or your art. Things you will needCraft glue or a glue gun4 craft sticksAcrylic paint (if you want to paint the sticks)…otherwise…Continue reading

by Terri (Calgary, Canada) This cute fairy craft is made out of a plastic Easter egg, so you can open it up and have a few surprise treats inside. You may have some extras of these types of eggs around. I had about a dozen of extras from over the years. And you can use…Continue reading

by Monica (Kansas) We just love making these little Halloween marshmallow ghost crafts. (You can also decorate them for other holidays, besides ghosts for Halloween). And they’re totally edible. Our senior group likes to make things with food! (But then of course it’s tempting to want to eat them all right after you make them)….Continue reading