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soap decoupage

Soap decoupage crafts make lovely gifts to give away, or something special to keep for yourself. And they’re easy – you just need a few inexpensive supplies, some of which you may already have at home. The sample on this page is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even December holiday gift giving.

NOTE: — Because of the many layers needed and drying times, this is a longer term project to make, but very satisfying.

Soap for men — Just change out the kind of soap and the image. Perhaps a small scene, fall leaves, a bird, bird house, or even a sports logo. And when you give it, think of how you will package it, perhaps with another related item.

Getting an image — And where do you get the image? For this project, I cut out a rose from old wrapping paper. It didn’t have any leaves, and I wanted some in the design, so I cut leaves from an old roll of wall paper.

You can use magazine pictures, pictures from party napkins, etc. the thinner the paper though, the more smoothly the picture will decoupage on; the smoother the look.

You can even make a matching decoupage box. An easy way is to take an old box that your bank checks come in, or an old cigar box, or even something from the thrift store.

And then decoupage a matching picture on the lid. Lastly, fill it with color coordinated tissue paper, and even a coordinating fancy wash cloth.

These soap decoupage crafts are done in several stages, as it needs several coats of medium applied, and they need to dry in between.

It also needs to “cure” for a few weeks before you can get it wet. If you plan to give the gift before curing is done, add a little note to the recipient not to use the soap until the appropriate date.

Instructions – Soap Decoupage Crafts

You will need:

  • Bar of soap (or two)
  • Small cut-out picture to fit on soap
  • Jar of waterproof outdoor decoupage Mod Podge medium
  • Optional: Decoupage Gloss Sealer – also provides waterproof coat
  • Paint brush – about ½ to I inch wide
  • Soap and water to wash brush between coats
  • Rag

Spread newspaper or old cloth over your work surface. Cut out your image from whatever source you are going to use. Use outdoor waterproof Mod Podge. It is the most durable for the soap, since it will be in frequent contact with water. Eventually the image will wear off, but it will stay in place for dozens of uses.

Lightly dampen brush to soften it up, then dab off excess water on rag. Dip it into the Mod Podge, then brush it on the back side of your image, as if using glue.

Firmly press the image onto the soap, and smooth it out from the middle going out, to get out as many wrinkles and bubbles as possible.

Then brush the medium over the top, from the center out, again pushing out wrinkles and bubbles. Cover the entire top side of the soap with medium.

Let it dry according to directions. I let it dry at least an hour between coats. Apply a minimum 4 to 5 coats in this fashion, to make sure there is a durable coating over the soap. And also smooth.

You want to get the paper image coated thickly enough so it is flush, or almost flush with the surface of the soap. This will take at least the 5 coats. After this, you can apply a final coat of the spray Decoupage Gloss Sealer, if desired.

Make sure you let the final product “cure” before using. This usually takes at least 72 hours.

Then just prepare its box, wrap, and it’s ready to go!

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