Snowman Crafts for Seniors & Elderly

Our snowman crafts for seniors and elderly can be made simply or fancier – you know your group. So take a look at these whimsical characters, both snow men and ladies, including some made out of treats (and using whimsical craft candy eyeballs is really fun!). We have several hat ideas too.

The snowman is also a great basic theme to use in January, even early February. (We also have a designated page on winter senior activities for more seasonal ideas). You can get inexpensive materials for your snowman crafts at thrift stores, dollar stores, and garage sales.

Our Snowman Crafts

Golf Ball Snowman

These are really simple snowman crafts that men also enjoy making. I got my golf balls at a garage sale. Or have them donated.

2 golf balls
Small white bottle cap, for stand
Glue gun or strong glue
Googly eyes
Strip of felt or twisted length of yarn, for scarf
Small piece of orange paper
Small piece of black paper
Fine-tip black marker
Hat: mini hat from craft store, OR…
Making A Hat
(see ideas below)
…Round piece of black felt for brim
…Wine or fizzy beverage cork, black
…Short length of ribbon for band

Body — Glue 2 golf balls together with very strong glue. A glue gun, even wood glue will work. Hold them in place for a few moments, then lay it on the table to finish drying.

Cut 2 small ovals from black paper for shoes, and glue them to the bottom of the bottle cap. Cut a narrow strip of felt for the scarf, about 7 inches long. Cut fringe on the edges. Or twist or braid a length of yarn.

Hat – (You can use our hat designs on a variety of snowman crafts for seniors). Cut a circle from black felt, about 1 ½ inch in diameter. Use a black cork from a wine bottle; or a spool painted black; or make a hat from black felt or paper. Glue the hat to the brim. Also glue on a length of narrow ribbon for the hat band. (But he also looks cute with no hat)!

Face – When the glue on the 2 golf balls has dried, glue on 2 googly eyes.  Cut a small triangle from orange paper for the nose, and fold a tab at the end. Put a dab of glue on the tab and attach the nose. With the black marker, draw a whimsical mouth. 

Last – Place the snowman in its stand. You can use a few dabs of glue to keep it in place. Tie the scarf around its neck. Glue the hat onto the top of the head. You might also like to use marker to draw 2 or 3 black buttons down its front.

Tube Snowlady

Snowman crafts also can include snowladies! For a larger version, use an oatmeal box instead.

Toilet tissue, paper towel tube, or oatmeal box
2 doilies, or a length of white lace, to size
Craft googly eyes
Orange paper triangle
2 white paper triangles for shoes
Red marker
Black marker, felt circles, pompoms, buttons, etc.
Bundle of curled white ribbon
Small seasonal items for hair accessories

I cut a doily in half, and glued them on in upper and lower layers to cover the tube. Take the 2 white triangle shoes, curl the toes with your fingernails, then glue them to the bottom of the tube.

Glue on the googly eyes and paper triangle nose. Draw on a mouth with a red marker (or use red acrylics and a brush).

Make buttons with a black marker (or paint), small felt circles, pompoms, buttons, etc. Stuff a bundle of curled ribbon into the top opening of the tube. Add in small items like evergreens, pine cones, berries or beads, little snowflakes, etc.
These make a cute arrangement when done in several sizes, standing together.

Bottle Cap Snowman

Our friend Marlyna from an activities group shared these cute snowman crafts. They’re very simple and children like to make them too.

3 bottle caps (have a restaurant save them for you)
White acrylic paint, and brush
Black and orange acrylics (or use black marker)
Glue gun or strong glue
Ribbon or other hanger

First paint the caps with white acrylics (or dip them in a shallow dish of paint). When dry, make simple black dots for the face and buttons with paint or permanent black marker.

Paint an orange “carrot” nose shape. You could also glue cut orange paper instead. Also – using googly eyes or a pompom for the nose would be very fun too! Lastly, glue the caps together, and the ribbon at the top. Dry glue well, then it’s ready!

Marshmallow Snowman Globe

This globe of treats was made from a clear plastic ornament from the craft store. It’s one of our most simple snowman crafts. Plus, when people are done eating the treats, they have a plastic ornament to decorate later.

Medium-sized plastic ornament, that opens
2 marshmallows
Edible markers, in blue and red (baking aisle)
… Or small candies for face
Squirt frosting in a tube
Small candies in white and blue, or other treats
Shredded coconut (optional)
Small white plastic jar cover, for the stand

Attach the 2 marshmallows together with a toothpick for the head and body. Draw on a simple smiling face with edible markers (cake decorating aisle).

Set him in the bottom of the plastic ornament. Then fill the bottom all around the snowman with white and blue candies, to suggest snow. Or large coconut shavings.

Finally, snap on the top of the ornament and set the whole thing on its stand. This is a fun project for place settings at a party or meal.

Peeking Snowman

This little snowman’s head is peeking from out of a clear ornament ball. (P.S.- You could also make a peeking Santa!) Use a plastic ornament that opens; medium to large sizes are easiest for these snowman crafts.

Medium or large sized plastic ornament, that opens
Small Styrofoam ball
2 to 3 cotton balls, or rolled cotton
Googly eyes
Tube-shaped bead, for nose (orange if possible)
…and corsage pin, for nose tip
Orange acrylic paint and small brush, if needed
…OR orange paper cut in a long triangle for nose instead
Small piece of white paper for the hands
Glue gun, or strong craft glue
Decorations: ribbon, snowflakes, stickers, etc.

The head – Glue 2 googly eyes onto the styro ball. For the nose, I took a small tube-shaped bead, and painted it orange, pinned into the ball. Or cut a triangle from orange paper, fold a tab, and glue it on. Let the head dry.

Fill the bottom half of the plastic ornament with cotton shreds as snow. Set your snowman in the snow so the head is leaning against the front of the ornament, with the nose just over the edge, as if peeking out.

The  hands – Fold a small piece of white paper in half, and cut out 2 mittens, with a long wrist so you can fold it. Fold the hands and glue them on the edge of the ornament bottom, hanging over the edge, by the snowman head.

The stand – Glue wide ribbon onto a small jar lid. Or just make a circle of ribbon as a stand. I cut strands of the matching ribbon, curled it with a scissors, and glued it to the top of the ball.

I also added a few small plastic snowflakes that I had to decorate  the top, and also on the stand. You could also use star or snowflake stickers. Or even paint on simple white dots.

To attach the top of the ornament to the bottom – I suggest a glue gun or contact cement, or other strong glue. Position the top so it is somewhat open, then glue it to the bottom in the back. When you get the two halves in place, put several dabs of glue in the areas where they will touch for strength, and hold it in place for a moment to set. When dry, it’s ready to be handled.

Painting on Glass

This easy holiday window with snowmen playing musical instruments was made by painting with acrylics on glass. Old windows can be found in thrift stores and at garage sales year round. Put it on a wall or mantle. Or paint one right on a regular window. Window murals make really fun snowman crafts.

I like to use a sponge painting technique for snow. (See our page on how to paint glass). Use any kind of a basic snowman design. A free template idea is provided below. Also use it for other snowman crafts. You might outline it on the window first in permanent marker, then paint it in. The outlines will make a design stand out.

Cupcake Snowman on Skis

These snowman crafts are mostly all edible! I  like to use frosting in a squirt can or tub, as “glue,” and always have it in my cupboard or fridge, as I use it a lot. Tip: Use a toothpick to remove any excess frosting “glue.”

White cupcake with white frosting
2 white gumdrops
2 colored toothpicks
2 short kabob skewers
2 colored crafts sticks
2 white lifesaver candies
2 small candies for eyes; or craft candy eyeballs!
1 candy corn
Black or chocolate frosting in a squirt can or tub
White frosting in a squirt can or tub.
Hat: Flat chocolate candy for brim; chocolate covered marshmallow
White candy for hat topper.
Toothpick for misc.

Face – Attach the eyes and nose with white frosting, as “glue.”  I then dabbed on spots of black (or chocolate) frosting in a tube for the mouth and buttons down the front. 

Hat – Make a chocolate dipped marshmallow, as on our dipping chocolate page. Then attach it to a flat chocolate candy, with chocolate frosting as “glue.” Also attach a little round candy to the top. Set the hat on his head just before serving.

Arms & skis – Poke toothpicks into white gumdrops, then stick them into the base of the cupcake above the paper. The ski poles are round mints with short skewer kabobs in the middles, and simply leaning against the gumdrop hands.

To assemble – On individual plates or a large platter, first arrange the ski sticks, then put the cupcake snowman on them. Arrange the ski poles to lean against the snowman’s hands. Lastly, put on the hat, with a bit of frosting “glue.”

Snowball Cake Snowman

These foody snowman crafts are perfect for parties. If the snowman will be on an individual plate, you can make this right on the plate from the start. Otherwise transfer several to a platter at the end. A similar snowman can be made from powdered sugar donut holes.

2 coconut Hostess Snowball cakes
4 small black candies, or candy eyeballs from craft store
1 candy corn
2 pretzel sticks
2 white gumdrops
Narrow 12 inch length of ribbon
Hat – chocolate dipped marshmallow, on a flat chocolate
Small white bottle cap for stand
White squirt or tub frosting, for “glue”
Small plate, or platter
Toothpick for misc.
Small knife or scissors
Optional: Black squirt frosting
Small pointed paint brush

Body – Use frosting as “glue,” and attach the 2 round cakes together. Attach 2 candies for buttons. I then tied on the length of ribbon around the neck. I used wired ribbon, as it shapes nicely.

Dig out a little hole into the flat bottom of each gumdrop with the tip of a small knife or scissors. Then insert the pretzel arms. Stick the arms into the sides of the lower cake.

Face – Use frosting to attach candies for the eyes, and candy corn for the nose. Optional — The mouth I made is painting with frosting! I like to thin a bit of black (or chocolate) frosting with water, on a small plate, so it is paint consistency. Then paint on features such as mouths, even eyebrows and buttons. Otherwise use small candies for the mouth, or dab on spots of frosting with a toothpick.
Set the snowman on its bottle cap stand.

Hat – A marshmallow dipped in chocolate, then attached to a flat chocolate candy with frosting, and a small candy “pompom” topper. I put the hat on at the very end. Carefully put them on small individual plates or a large platter.

Chocolate Covered Snowman

These fun little snowman crafts make great gifts, party favors, or as fanciful desserts. (See full instructions on making chocolate strawberries at the link further below)

2 strawberries: 1 large, 1 medium
White chocolate chips
Fine coconut
2 small candies for buttons
2 small candies for eyes
2 fancy toothpicks for arms
2 toothpicks
1 mint for hat brim
1 gumdrop for hat
Garland or ribbon for around neck
Knife or scissors
Pan for refrigerating the snowmen
Small plates or large platter for serving
Wax paper

Cut off the pointy end of the medium strawberry (head) so it’s flat, to hold the hat. You can also slice off the bottom of the body so it sits securely. To dip the strawberries in chocolate, see our general instructions at how to make chocolate strawberries.

Decorating Snowmen:
After dipping, sprinkle the still-warm, melted chocolate with coconut. Stack the head and body together with a toothpick or short kabob skewer. Press the candy eyes and buttons into the soft chocolate. Assemble the hat by “gluing” the gumdrop onto the mint candy with melted chocolate; also attach the hat to the flat-top head. Add a little ring of ribbon or garland around the neck, if desired. Then insert the toothpick arms.

Put snowmen on a pan (or large plate) covered with wax paper. Refrigerate these snowman crafts, at least 15 minutes. Keep refrigerated until serving, then remove from wax paper and put them on your plate(s).

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