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Senior Activities

Senior Activity Ideas – For more active seniors
Meaningful Dementia Activities

Easy Food Activities 
Senior Reading Activities, Book List 
Fish Party Activities
Easy Dipping Chocolate
Marzipan Recipe, for Figures, Fruit, etc.
Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Creative Simple Fruit Salad Characters
Easy Make A Gift Basket Ideas 
Making Fleece Blankets – Easy No-Sew Tips
Creative Planter Ideas
Edible Flower Recipes and Activities
How To Make Smores – The Gourmet Way
Straw Bale Gardening For Seniors
Winter Holiday Activities For Seniors
Senior Gardening Activities

Senior Activities – by Season and Month

The Master Page that will link you to hundreds of monthly and seasonal activities…
(each Month will soon have its own page)

Fun FALL Senior Activities — General activities for Fall
Special September Senior Activities
October Senior Activities
November Senior Activities

WINTER Senior Activities — General activities, plus Feb.
Unique December Senior Activities
Cool January Senior Activities
Fabulous February Senior Activities

SPRING Senior Activities — General activities for Spring
Top March Senior Activities
Fresh April Senior Activities
Must-Do May Senior Activities

Sizzling SUMMER Senior Activities — General activities for Summer
Best June Senior Activities
Jazzy July Senior Activities
Awesome August Senior Activities

Elderly Activities
For those who need more help

Fun Elderly Activities
Outdoor Elderly Activities
Elderly Games For Fun And Function
Elderly Fiesta Activities
Fish Party Activities
More Elderly Activities – With Kids
Share Your Elderly Activities Forum
Meaningful Dementia Activities
Activities For Elderly with Vision Loss
Simple Elderly Music With Chimes
Field Trip Activities for Elderly & Seniors

Kindle Books

Kindle Books for Senior Activities

Crafts – For Seniors and Elderly

Easy Craft Ideas, with Links – “Craft Central”
Crafts For The Elderly
Collage and Craft Templates
Free Flower Templates and Designs
Free Leaf Template and Pattern Ideas
Free Animal Template Ideas
Recycled Crafts, and Supplies List
Elderly Fiesta Activities
Fish Party Activities
Marzipan Recipe, for Figures, Fruit, etc.
Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Making a Lavender Pillow
Really Easy Apple Craft Ideas
Whimsical Granny Apple Doll
Aromatic Apple Wreaths
Gourd Craft Ideas – Gifts, Ghouls & Grannies
Mini Mouse Crafts – Amusing & Easy
Mouse Bookmark Craft
Hershey Kiss Mouse Chocolate Crafts
Festive Valentines Crafts
Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece
Angel Valentine and Candy Holder
Apple Valentine Centerpiece
Bird Planter Feather Craft
Fancy Soap Decoupage Crafts
Picture Frame Crafts
How To Paint Glass
Painting Clay Pots
Easy Make A Gift Basket Ideas
Fun and Fabulous Craft Angels — Main page of angel crafts
Feather Angel Craft
Angel Cornhusk Doll
Elegant Glass Angel Craft
Cork Leprechaun Craft
Painting Pumpkins and Gourds
Fun 4th of July Crafts
Easy Halloween Crafts
Creative Halloween Treats for Seniors
Whimsical Wood Mouse Crafts
Simple Christmas Crafts For Seniors
Christmas Elf and Santa Crafts
Make Fun and Affordable Centerpieces
Snowman Crafts
Bird Crafts, for Seniors
Crafts for Men

Party Ideas

Perfect Party Theme Ideas
Fiesta Activities
Easy Wine and Chocolates Party!
Holiday Treats for Seniors
….and more ideas by our readers on our Share pages:
Pickle Tasting Party
Easy Karaoke Evening
Happy Hour Activities
Luau Ideas


Healthy Recipe Central
Easy Healthy Recipes – Main Page, Lots of Recipes
Easy Salmon Recipes
Fun Fish Taco Recipe
Simple Grilled Salmon Recipes
Easy Salmon Patty Recipe
Savory Fish Chowder Recipe
Festive and Easy Sangria Recipe
How To Make Mulled Wine
Easy Taco Salad Recipes
Chicken Chocolate Sauce (Mole)
Creative Simple Fruit Salad Characters
Jumping Fish Banana Fruit Salad
Octopus String Cheese Salad
Pear Salad Mouse

Healthy Desserts
Share Your Healthy DessertsSHARE FORUM
Delicious Healthy Dessert Recipes – Main Page, Lots of Recipes

Delicious Carob Recipes
Spicy Easy Pumpkin Pie

So Simple Banana Cake
Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Easy Dipping Chocolate
Marzipan Recipe
Fresh and Easy Strawberry Pie
For-Sure Healthy Carrot Cake
Easy Apple Crisp – That Melts In Your Mouth
Sweet-Tart Apple Muffin Recipe
Natural Molasses Cookie Recipe
Easy Pecan Pie
All-Natural Easy Brownie Recipe
Zesty Almond Apricot Bread (or Cake)
Moist and Spicy Gingerbread Cake
Fresh Strawberry Desserts
Strawberry Bouquets
Apple and Strawberry Fruit Kabobs
Valentine’s Day Desserts
How To Make Ice Cream – The Easy Way
Maple Cranberry Relish Recipe
Awesome Ambrosia Fruit Salad Recipe (and Dessert)
Family Night Chocolate Milkshake Recipe
Crispy Mini Apple Tart Recipe

Healthy Snacks
Your Healthy Snack RecipesSHARE FORUM
Healthy Snack Recipes – Main Page, Lots of Recipes

Free Stuff

Free Art Images
Free Photo Art Images
Free Photos to Use
Free Small Picture Frame Images
Collage and Craft Templates
Free Flower Templates and Designs
Free Leaf Template and Pattern Ideas
Free Animal Template Ideas


Retirement Ideas  
Finding A Hobby 
Learning and Volunteer Ideas
Cool Quote & Retirement Message Ideas
How To Get Happy – Top Hints

Extra Income

Work After Retirement – Creative Options
Share YOUR Extra Income Ideas – for SeniorsSHARE FORUM
Paying off Debt


Senior Citizen Travel Overview
When Senior Women Travel Alone


Elderly Health Care Overview 
Signs of Elderly Problems
Falls in Elderly – The Game Changer
Health, Music and Mood
A Handy Hand Reflexology Chart
Facing Elderly Stress Issues
Creative Elderly Stress Activities
Devastating Causes of Blindness in Elderly
Cataract Surgery Recovery
Macular Degeneration Help
Avastin Macular Degeneration Treatment – Our Story


Easy Exercise For Seniors
Tai Chi For Seniors
Yoga For Seniors – Does It Really Help?
Fun Exercises For The Elderly


Care of Elderly Issues
Making a Care Plan
Typical Caregiver Duties
Fundamentals of Caregiving – Questions to Ask
Home Healthcare Information – Prescreening an Agency
Care For Elderly In Home – Tips and Ideas
Elderly Communication Issues – Care and Caution


Elderly Nutrition Overview
Elderly Nutrition Problems
Elderly Dietary Problems, from Changes in Eating Patterns

Public Benefits

Elderly Assistance and Public Benefits
More Temporary Financial Help

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