Seashell Flowers

by s.k

Here are the steps below on how to recreate these seashell flowers:

Materials Needed
• cockle seashells halves
• strong adhesive glue
• paints
• very strong wire, such as a coat hanger
• vase or pot
• air hardening clay or floral foam base to hold wire stems


1. Clean the seashells thoroughly and allow to dry.

2. Paint the seashell halves as shown, and allow to dry.

3. Glue the seashells halves on top of one another, overlapping, as shown. Begin at the back and layer them up to the front. Use a strong glue for this.

4. Attach these blooms to very strong wire, such as a coat hanger. Or, they can be attached to wooden sticks. Use glue, or use a thinner wire to wrap around the bloom and then wrap around the stronger wire stem. Or, you can use floral tape to attach them.

5. Create a strong base in the vase by using a firm floral foam to stick the stems into, or use an air hardening clay inside the vase. Stick your wire stems in while it is soft and allow to air dry.

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  1. Hi,

    I am wanting to know what kind of “strong glue” did you use?I am looking to make Palm Tree out of my cockle shells.

    Thank you,

    [EDITOR’S NOTE] — Becky, in case the author of this submission does not post a reply, you can always call a craft store and see what they recommend…

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