Special September Senior Activities

September senior activities begin to usher out summer and also usher in the start of fall. So lots to do! You will find below plenty of ideas that include both the special commemorations for the month, and also actual calendar dates. And we’ve found some really fun ones!

Popular themes for September are apples, wild ducks and geese, fish, deer, any hunting themes, farms, grapes, hay stacks or rolls, honey, and slightly turning fall colors on leaves. And wasps. Who doesn’t love them.

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Our September Senior Activities

Commemorations for September

Beginning of National Apple Month(s) – For three months (be sure to see our page with lots of apple craft ideas – including how to make this apple frog). You will see throughout this page and our links, that we have loads of September senior activities with apples!

National Piano Month – This one is fun and easy. You may have someone in your group who is a pianist and can play favorites for a sing-along; or you may have a musician who visits. Besides a sing-along, consider a little piano music appreciation in your September senior activities and listen to classical piano music by musicians such as Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy, Mozart, or Liszt. Or perhaps your favorite jazz and more contemporary artists. Ask your group who their favorites are. As usual, music can be streamed from online if you don’t have a CD. Also consider inviting youngsters to come in and play, having a recital of sorts.

National Chicken Month – No doubt you have many a favorite recipe for chicken, whether in egg dishes for breakfast; sandwiches, hot dishes, baked, roasted, fried or grilled. (I happen to love spaghetti made with chicken instead of hamburger, as served in a famous local restaurant). This is the month to appreciate our chickens! And the foods they provide (including eggs). You’ll probably find many occasions to serve chicken this month, including during some of your other September senior activities.

International Square Dancing Month –Your group may or may not be able to dance, but listening to some good old fashioned square dance music during a special meal is a real picker-upper too. Perhaps you can get a local dance group to come out and perform (or a music group). For those who do dance, a few lessons first may be welcome. You may even have a “pro” in your group to help. 

Self Improvement Month – We can all use a little of this no matter what our stage in life, and September senior activities can incorporate a variety of ideas from exercise to positive thinking to spiritual practices, even yoga or meditation.  (See our pages on exercise for seniors, and yoga for seniors). There are also many excellent books available. If you have a book club, this might be a topic for the month.

National Fall Hat Month – If you’re having a party as one of your September senior activities, why not include hats. (And September 15 a mentioned further below, is Make A Hat Day, or decorate one, which is another potential activity. Use any hat that might be used throughout fall, from the warmer early days, to cooler days at the end of the month; so it’s quite a range.

How about hunting hats or fishing, golf hats, western hats, sports caps, tweed hats, fedoras, dressy hats, berets, straw hats, and anything else fancy or decorative for the ladies. Whatever is a favorite can be worn. Hats (clean) can also be used for refreshments! Just turn it upside down and insert a bowl filled with chips or treats. Having several different kinds on the serving table looks quite whimsical.

National Honey Month — Make a dessert with honey! Honey has so many health benefits and is much better for us to use than sugar, and is more stable for blood sugar. It has both antibacterial and antioxidant properties, plus is better for the digestive system. And is often used with lemon in warm water for sore throats (my friend swears by it). She also uses warm milk and honey at night for a better night’s sleep. At any rate, served some special honey-sweetened treats during your September senior activities. See our page with healthy dessert recipes. We even have a mouse craft using a wooden honey stick.  

Older Workers Month — Are any of your group still working, at least part time? Acknowledge them this month! Have a special meal or snack.This can also include any kind of volunteer work, including with your seniors group.

National Hispanic Heritage Month – Mid September to mid October (15th). So have a fiesta party! See our page all about fiesta activities (with recipes, crafts, decorating, and more). You may have folks of Hispanic culture in your group who can help plan and perhaps provide some authentic recipes or desserts. Making treats (or any kind of food) as a group is always popular during your September senior activities.

Dates for September

Labor Day – First Monday of the month. It became a national celebration in 1894 for all the contributions of workers throughout the years.

National Grandparents’ Day. This was made a national celebration by President Jimmy Carter back in 1978, for the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s especially meaningful for kids to appreciate the lives and contributions of older family members. But also, no matter what age, to remember one’s own grandparents. A great time for sharing stories and photo albums. Plan some special September senior activities with grandchildren. See our page on more elderly activities with kids.

September 3 – Uncle Sam’s Birthday. Learn how the idea of Uncle Sam began. Do you know the story? It’s said to have started during the War of 1812 and was used as a patriotic personification for the U.S. government.

…Craft — Make an Uncle Sam craft. Get a picture online to reference and paint an Uncle Sam face on a wooden spoon; or cut the image into an oval shape and decoupage it onto the spoon. Paint the spoon handle too, in patriotic colors. When dry, apply a coat of water-base craft varnish. Great for centerpieces and potted plant decorations. You can also decoupage the Uncle Sam image into a collage or onto another craft object, like a box.

September 6 – Read A Book Day. Long or short, humorous, dramatic or inspirational, this is the “official” day to read a book, or at least get started! An outing to the library is popular; or if you have a library on your premises, plan on showcasing a few new additions. This is also an excellent time to launch a book club, if you don’t already have one going. For those who are unable to read like my Dad, or who enjoy being read to like Dad, we have a list of suggestions on our senior reading activities page. And kids can get involved too – either being the reader, or being read to by a grandparent or senior family member or friend.

September 7 – Grandma Moses Birthday. Grandma Moses was quite a gal. For those interested in art, talk about her life, and how she started painting in her 80s, and then became famous for her charming folk art, which was featured on stamps and calendars. Get a library book and show pictures of her art. Or get some online and have a slide show. Maybe have an art project reproducing the folk art look. It’s never too late to become an artist!

September 11 – National Day of Service and Remembrance. The day commemorating 9/11 is another day to use patriotic colors and decor, or make a patriotic craft. (Get crafts with patriotic colors on our 4th of July crafts page).

September 12 – Chocolate Milkshake Day. Well this may be something that we’d think of for summer, but nonetheless, here it is in September. So celebrate the chocolate milkshake in your September seniors activities. Serve it as a special treat, for dessert, or as an activity to do together. Dad was great them. See what he did at our chocolate milkshake recipe page.

September 13 – National Peanut Day. Today, go nuts for peanuts! Serve peanut butter on celery, apple slices, or crackers (the all-natural kind is best). Or make peanut butter cookies. Anything with food will be a hit for your September senior activities. 

September 13 – National Anthem Day. Be sure to sing the anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” on this day, and learn how and why it was written by Francis Scott Key in 1814.

September 15 – Make A Hat Day. (Or decorate one). This goes along with the National Fall Hat Month theme mentioned above. You can get easy online instructions for making triangular hats, pirate or soldier styles, as well as cone-shaped hats. Or even a simple wide band type.

You can then attach cut-outs of over-sized images, such as fish, antlers, etc. We found the ones above at our state fair, made out of cardboard. They’d be easy to make by tracing antler or fish shapes (see the fish template further below) onto tag board, then cutting and stapling it to the band.

To make things simpler, just decorate a hat you might already have. The more outrageous, the funnier. Guys can attach all manner of fishing tackle, nuts and bolts, or other odd hobby items to a favorite old hat. Women can decorate straw or brim hats with ribbons, flowers, beads, jewelry, or any odd items they enjoy.

…Party Idea — This is an excellent time to throw a Mad Hatter party. (One of my sister’s favorites). Wear the hat you’ve made or decorated, or anything else you may have on hand. Prizes can be offered. Or even a little something special for those who showed up in one! Below is my sister wearing a real Mad Hatter hat and wig from Disneyland – she wanted to go all out.

September 16 – Mayflower Day. Some September senior activities can include a bit of history. Watch a movie about how the Pilgrims came to America in 1620, such as “The Mayflower,” a TV movie from 2006. You may be able to get this movie or other documentaries at your library. Or have a history presentation. You may also be able to find information on what a ship like that was really like to sail on, how long the trip took, and the hardships endured.

September 17 – Constitution of the U.S. Anniversary (1787). Talk about the Constitution, its history, and how it has changed and evolved over the years. You may get into a lively discussion. There are also a couple documentaries made about this topic, and you may be able to get them from your public library. Autumn is full of commemorative dates for your September senior activities.

September 18 – International Eat an Apple Day. (Or something delicious that contains apples!) Get some fresh country air and visit an apple orchard to pick or buy newly harvested apples. Then try some of our natural, easy apple recipes.

We like to keep our recipes as natural as possible, and usually sweeten them with honey or pure maple syrup.

Or make an easy apple craft like the apple candle shown below.

September 20 – The first railroad station opened. Learn some history about the railroads. Did anybody in your group work for the railroad? Field trips, such as to a train station or museum, even taking a train ride and seeing the colors, are excellent for September senior activities.

September 21 – United Nations International Day of Peace. Be sure to participate in this day to celebrate the hope of world peace, and also offer special prayers for peace.

September 21 – Miniature Golf Day. Ideal for September senior activities, this easy outing is fun for just about anyone. Or perhaps obtain a putting game (or two) that can be set up outdoors or in an activities room. Of course, refreshments are always in order. Such as cupcakes with golf tees inserted in the tops, and green frosting (you can mix it with coconut) to represent grass.  

September 22 – National Centenarians Day.  Celebrate any in your group who have made it to 100! Or family members… ask them how did they do it? What are their secrets?

September 22 – Ice cream cone was invented.  Making and eating ice cream is not just for summer! They make great September senior activities too, and this month it can be served in a cone. Or a scoop served with an upside-down cone on top may be easier for some. Be sure to see our page on how to make ice cream, the easy way. You can also serve cones as a container filled with a variety of treats (sweet or not), not just for ice cream.

September 23 – Energize Day. What energizes your group? Taking a brisk walk out in nature? Going for a scenic drive? Perhaps exercising, music, or throwing a party. Any of the above make great September senior activities. Be sure to ask people what they like best, and implement the top favorites into this day.

Third week of the month – The Autumn Equinox. Have a party for the first day of Fall. This is a good time to also visit a farm or pumpkin patch. And of course enjoy all the good food that goes along with it.

The Fourth Friday of September – Native American Day. Celebrate the Native American culture and history of your area. Have a Native American speaker visit, or members of a cultural center. Learn some of the highlights and challenges of Native Americans in your locale.

September 26 – Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday, 1774. The story of Johnny Appleseed is very charming, and also fun for children. So be sure to eat apples on this day, or make an apple craft, and perhaps invite kids to join in the fun.

September 26 – National Hunting and Fishing Day. Some seniors may be able to participate in these activities, and others may have fond memories (along with great hunting and fishing stories, no doubt!) You might even share a few photos from earlier years. Perhaps put them on a bulletin board and guess who it is.

Although hunting may not be a current activity, many may still enjoy going fishing. A perfect outing. At least take time during a special snack to share memories and stories. And if you’re doing crafts, be sure to include a hunting or fishing theme. Below is a fish template, if you’d like to use it.

(You could also use it for making a hat on the Sept. 15 Make A Hat Day, as described further above. Just enlarge the fish, and even make the tail curving down, as in the style of the hat that was shown).

September 27 – Ancestor Appreciation Day.  A great time for seniors to do their memoirs. We are always grateful Dad took the time to dictate his into a recorder, knowing some day he would be a family “ancestor” and would have provided fabulous descriptions of life during his childhood and later years. I really encourage seniors to do this; it’s a very valuable activity and legacy to be enjoyed for years to come. Also take some time to look over old family photos, discussing the lives and times of previous family members. Have you ever been interested in tracing ancestry? There are many online tools, and this would be a perfect time to start.

September 27 – Family Day. Celebrate by having lunch or dinner with family. At least a visit or special phone call. 

September 30 – National Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Yes, a day dedicated to women’s health of all ages. See our page on exercise for seniors, as well as modified exercises for the elderly (including Dad’s favorites in his 90s).

Fourth week of the month – National Dog Week. Many seniors have pets; or did have them and miss their pets now. Fun September senior activities can involve dogs too, either indoors or out.

For those who can, do volunteer work within animal shelter. walk a friend’s dog, or have a dog or two come and visit.

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