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Welcome to our central Senior Activities page – by the month, for all 12 months.

PLUS, more for each season to do anytime throughout. Games, crafts, parties, recipes and food ideas, field trips, and general activities. You’ll be sure not to run out of ideas!

MonthsEvery month has its own special commemorations, as well as specific and unique calendar dates around which to plan something fun or meaningful. (And we give lots of suggestions of what you could do). Some may surprise you!  Lots of these can be done either individually, or in a group. And with kids too!

Some seniors are very active and live independently, participating in church groups and senior centers. Others reside in nursing homes and memory care. See how you can modify these activities for your needs. There’s something for everyone. Be sure to also see our page on elderly games too.

Seasons — In addition to the individual months, we also have a page for each season. The seasonal page gives more general things to do, that you can mix and match throughout its three months.

So just click on a main seasonal heading, or jump right into whatever month interests you.

Senior Activities – For Each Month

Winter ActivitiesGeneral activities for the winter season. (And the months of January, February are still included on this page, soon to each have their own pages. December does now have a page of its own. See below).

Most of us really look forward to the winter holiday season. But when that is over, then what? You may already have ideas that you have used in the past to fill up these months. But take a look at some of these other options.

December Senior Activities – There’s much more to do besides the winter holidays! (But we have something for those too). Get some unique ideas!

January Activities – Now that the bustle is over, it’s time to move on. Get some new ideas to relax, contemplate, get creative, and yes, party too!

February Activities – Winter is coming to a close, but not quite yet. So we have to find ways to keep interested, besides just Valentine’s Day.

Spring ActivitiesGeneral activities for spring. At last! Spring is coming! And there are lots of ways to get ready. Find ways to help with that spring fever, especially if you can’t get outdoors yet. Launch projects that will take you through spring, and even into summer.

March Senior Activities – Now is the time to start getting back into action. You can also start preparing for when it’s time to go outside. Are you getting antsy yet?

April Activities – Gardening, flowers and plants are definitely popular. But there is so much more to consider. Especially when it’s rainy out.

May Activities – Balmy weather is more consistent now, so we can take things outdoors more. And there are all kinds of new food options too.

Summer Activities
General activities for summer. It’s a perfect time to bring many activities outdoors, whether doing crafts, socializing, having special presentations, celebrations, or parties. You will see that the lazy days of summer may not be so lazy at all!

June Senior Activities – Our summer season starts with this month. And there are all kinds of things to do beyond picnics, grilling, and sitting outside. There are interesting themes, and we have crafts and games to go along with them.

July Senior Activities
– Summer is heating up, and so are activities. Of course there is the 4th of July, picnics and parades, but there are some great month commemorations too, that lend themselves to activities. And very intriguing calendar dates. And July has lots of foody themes.

August Activities – Summer is in full speed and then starting to come to an end (too bad)! Find out all kinds of unusual dates and commemorations, and our activity ideas to go with them.

Fall Activities General Activities for Fall. Seems like suddenly summer is over and the seasons definitely change. And there’s always that something in the air. So fall is a favorite, and some of our most popular activities happen now. They’re sure to perk up your autumn.

September Senior Activities – Several patriotic themes this month, and loads of variety in commemorations and calendar dates. You may not be able to do them all!

October Senior Activities – More than just Halloween, colored leaves and pumpkins! Halloween, though, is the second most popular holiday after Christmas. But lots of fun commemorations too (especially about foods), and a nice array of calendar dates for something different to do.

November Senior Activities – Besides Thanksgiving, what else? No matter what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find something novel in November to fit your fancy.

Do check back – we’re always adding new ideas to our pages!

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