Easy Salmon Patty Recipe

This easy salmon patty recipe is really flavorful — and fabulous for either a healthy snack recipe, or for a complete meal! This will ensure they get plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, and those healthy Omega 3 fats.

This is very important for maintaining proper nutrition. Salmon is one of the most valuable foods nutrition-wise for senior health. So it’s excellent for elderly nutrition, particularly when our loved ones are light eaters. And it’s very flexible. So be sure to try this out!

You can use either leftover fresh salmon, or canned salmon. (Wild Pacific salmon, such as Alaskan red sockeye, is best. Atlantic salmon is usually raised on farms and is less healthy).

Our Salmon Patty Recipe

For this salmon patty recipe, it is pan fried (ideally in olive oil, not butter since it’s much healthier), and is quick to make. Makes about 4 medium patties.

You need:

One 7.5 oz. can of salmon (I get “Wild caught” Alaskan sockeye salmon
1 egg, beaten
2 to 3 Tablespoons of milk
1/4 cup of bread crumbs
Salt and pepper to taste (Spike is also good instead)
Optional – Mayo (if you use it, you may want to cut back on the milk)
Optional – Dash of mustard powder
Optional – 1/4 to 1/3 cup finely chopped onions

1 to 2 Tablespoons of olive oil
Slice of cheese

Possible garnishments:
Lettuce leaf
Slice of green pepper
Slice of onion (I like caramelized!)

Remove scaly matter and bones from the canned salmon. Then flake the salmon with a fork in a mixing bowl. Add in all other ingredients (except olive oil and slice of cheese), and mix well. (If you don’t use mayo, they’ll keep longer, so can be used for picnics).

Heat olive oil in a fry pan, on Medium heat. Form mixture into patties. Fry in the olive oil on both sides until brown. When almost done, add the slice of cheese and let it melt. Serve as is, or on a whole-grain bun. You can also serve them with your favorite fish sauce drizzled over the top.

This is one of our really easy salmon recipes – enjoy!

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