Red Pepper Recipe

by Lenora
(New Mexico)

My super easy red pepper recipe makes a really healthy snack. These are full of flavor, simple to make, and can be served warm or cold. You can pile them with your favorite stuff! I make them for my elderly parents all the time and they love them. And red peppers are really nutritious and good for you too. So here’s what you do.

What To Use

One (or more) large, red bell peppers
Hot sauce, salsa, or your favorite spread (optional)
Shredded cheese (low fat is the healthiest)
Strip of pre cooked lean meat, or bacon
Sliced mushroom
Shredded lettuce

I use enough red peppers so that each person will get at least two of these. People with bigger appetites may want more. And why not – they’re plenty healthy and low in calories.

Cut off the top of the pepper(s), and core it. Wash it off inside and out. Then slice it the long way into four chunky pieces. Now the fun part – piling on your stuff. You can basically put on anything you want to. I first put on some kind of sauce or spread. Then a bit of shredded cheese. Next I add on a little meat. I might also then put on a little more cheese, just to keep the next ingredients in place so they don’t slide off – like a sliced mushroom and some shredded lettuce. I’ve also used shredded purple cabbage, and like that a lot. The best approach is to use as many fresh things as you can.

When it’s ready, put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so, until the cheese is all melted. Or you can eat it unheated too, as long as the meat has been already cooked, of course.

These are great for using up some of your leftovers as well. You can put almost anything on these. We eat them as snacks and also along with a meal like a finger veggie. Red peppers have lots of Vitamin C and A, plus B Vitamins. Then when you add a little protein like cheese or a lean meat (and your other goodies) you have a really well balanced snack.

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