Recycled Crafts and Supplies

Our web site uses a lot of recycled crafts for our projects. By that we mean using a lot of materials that you may already have around or can get inexpensively. See our how-to projects and what you will need!

It’s a good idea to have a craft supply box (or boxes!) Have family, friends, your group, or staff if you’re an activities director, bring in items that may have around home. Or get them cheap at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and dollar stores. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll see how fast you can accumulate supplies. And as you get them, they’ll most likely trigger off all kinds of ideas on what to use them for!

Recycled Crafts Supplies

Here are some useful things to keep handy for recycled crafts. Or jump to the links to our easy craft ideas and recycled crafts, by clicking the link below.
Recycled Crafts Projects

Basic Supplies for Recycled Crafts:

  • Craft glue
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors, including those that cut decorative edges
  • Box of plastic wrap (including colored)
  • ModPodge, water-based varnish
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • Spray paint
  • 3D “puffy” paint
  • Fabric and glass paint
  • Fine tipped or “Sharpie” markers in many colors

Used or Cheap Supplies for Recycled Crafts

  • Variety of colored paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Old magazines
  • Old greeting cards
  • Leftover paper party cups, plates, napkins
  • Remnants of wrapping paper and wallpaper
  • Aluminum foil and colored foils
  • Ribbon and bows
  • Old jewelry and beads
  • Leftover colorful stickers (kids usually have them around)
  • Colored paper shred (or make your own with a paper shredder)
  • Yarn, string, twine, raffia, thread (including “invisible” fish line types)
  • Cord, shoe strings, leather strips and cord
  • All kinds of Styrofoam, large &small (including wreath shapes)
  • Variety of glass bottles and jars, with caps
  • Broken china dishes (for mosaics)
  • Variety of plain colored mugs and wine glasses
  • Old vases – all sizes and shapes
  • Old picture frames (small are best)
  • Old baskets – all sizes and shapes
  • Terra cotta clay plant pots and trays (all sizes)
  • Variety of plastic bottles and jars
  • Fabric and felt pieces
  • Paper doilies of all sizes, shapes, colors
  • Lots of lace – both fabrics and ribbons
  • Small bowl, plates, platters (to use as bases in displays)
  • Pompoms, large and small
  • Googly eyes, large and small
  • Variety of candy – especially for holidays
  • Toothpicks, long wooden skewers, short brochette skewers
  • Muffin paper cups
  • Artificial flowers, vines, leaves, evergreen garlands, etc.
  • Pine cones, reeds, items from nature
  • Corks, spools from thread
  • Clear plastic bulbs and Easter eggs that can open
  • Plain colored Christmas tree balls
  • Variety of small hardware pieces: nuts, bolts, pipe joints, screws, etc.
  • Old bobbers, fishing lures and tackle
  • Old golf balls and tees
  • Any smaller items from hobbies

These are just some basic items that come in handy to make recycled crafts. Some projects involve other specific supplies, so we always provide a list of what you will need for each project. As you can see, if you’re really into making crafts, it’s good to have a box around to store supplies in for your easy craft ideas.

Recycled Crafts Projects

Take a look at the recycled crafts projects that we have on our web site, and the way we incorporated the recycled and used items. (And we’re always adding more!)

Really Easy Apple Craft Ideas — Try these really easy apple craft ideas (for all ages). Apples are not only abundant in fall, they are available all year long, so these ideas are perfect any time.
Whimsical Granny Apple Doll — The apple doll is a traditional folk apple craft dating back over a hundred years. And we have some really fun ideas. And easy to make, using things from home; plus imagination!
Picture Frame Crafts — Use up your old picture frames, beads, odds and ends. Picture frame crafts can be simple or very fancy, and perfect to give as gifts. Customize them according to the recipient’s hobby (or yours)! Then frame your own art or photo.
Fun and Fabulous Craft Angels — We’ve got lots of craft angels for you to make! All kinds, from glass centerpieces, to bells, to foil, to wood, to old-fashioned cornhusk dolls! These are all easy craft ideas, and many are excellent for elderly activities.
Gourd Craft Ideas — Gourd craft ideas are fun all year round and make great fall craft projects. These whimsical characters are really easy and fast to make. Great for all ages, both elderly and kids!
How To Paint Glass — Do you have any old glass vases around (plastic works too). Or mugs or wine glasses? Even an old framed window? Learn the steps to make easy and finished looking pieces. You can also use our templates if you need design ideas.
Mini Mouse Crafts – Amusing and Easy — Mouse crafts and mice themes are always popular. And ours even include crafts with candy, as well as fun chocolate crafts. Perfect for simple senior activity ideas, or elderly activities for those who may have some limitations.
Lavender Pillow — If you like projects with aromas, learn how to make an easy lavender pillow craft using real lavender and flax seed. They are great senior activity ideas too. Warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer!
Valentines Crafts — These festive valentines crafts are unique ways to give valentines, or use as a centerpiece, place setting, or a give-away. Lots of possibilities! You can use many items from home, thrift stores or flea markets.
Gone Fishing Party and Activities — Check out our food ideas and fish party activities and crafts to make for a fun theme-based party – all about fishing! Includes fun senior activity ideas crafts. Bad weather? Take it indoors and have a Gone-Fishing party any time of year!
Fiesta Party Ideas — See our fiesta party ideas and easy recipes, including for some delicious Sangrias. Fun projects for party decorations and centerpieces too.
Painting Clay Pots — Painting terra cotta clay pots is a very versatile project, and the colorful pots have so many different uses. (Planting, being just one of them). You may have a few old ones around to recycle. They make a great pick-me-up, cheerful activity any time of year. You can also do the same process on plastic pots, should you not be able to use the breakable kind. See our instructions and ideas.

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