Recycled CD Cover Picture Frame

by Beverly Anita
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

CD Cover Picture Frame

CD Cover Picture Frame

Take an empty plastic CD cover, cut a frame out of cardboard (I use an old cardboard box), leaving an opening for a picture to show through. Use a glue gun, or any strong glue (Elmer’s extra strength glue stick works well). Glue cardboard frame to CD cover. Open cover and cut a square of any kind of paper as backing for the picture. Cut picture a little smaller than paper backing and glue on top. Close cover and decorate with anything you have on hand. Paint, foamies, old broken jewelry pieces, fabric, and on and on. You can also glue a strip to cardboard to the back as a stand, or glue on string or ribbon to hang on the wall. An arrangement can be made out of several. And you can make the frames as large as you wish.

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