Prosciutto Recipe

by Anna

One of my favorite appetizers is this delicious prosciutto recipe, using it wrapped around fresh fruit so you get the taste of salty and sweet.

If you are not familiar with what prosciutto is, it is an already cooked, thinly slice lunch meat similar to ham. My husband is of Italian background, and it is a popular Italian food. It does contain a bit of salt and some fat content, so this recipe would not be one for people who are watching salt intake in their diets. But having a treat like this now and then is not going to greatly impact your whole health or diet. And because it is sliced very thinly, you are not getting a lot.

Some of the best things to wrap prosciutto around are chunks of melon, or dates, or fresh figs.

Here is what you need…
Very thin slices of prosciutto.
Chunks of melon, or dates and figs – or all of it!
Toothpicks. Used colored ones for parties.

Make sure the prosciutto is very thinly sliced, or the taste will be too overpowering vs. the melon, or other fruit. It will come sliced in the package at the store, so be sure it is the thin kind.
Cut the slices into narrow strips, about 2 to 3 inches long.
Wrap a strip around the chunk of melon of other fruit, and secure it all with a toothpick.
That’s it! Easy but delicious!

If you’re going to use dates, this version is really good…
Cut the date in half.
Stuff it with goat cheese.
You can also add a bit of chopped chives.
Then put the date halves back together.
Wrap with the prosciutto strip, and secure it with a toothpick.

This makes a fabulous appetizer or snack, and the combination of the tastes is really outstanding. When I serve these at parties, they really get snatched up fast. So if you’re serving them for a group, make sure you have a nice large plate full. You are sure to get plenty of compliments.

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