Easy Pinecone Craftsfor Seniors and Elderly

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Our easy pinecone crafts are perfect fall senior activities. Great for decorating the home, or for gifts, centerpieces, giveaways, and more. We’ll give you ideas that are both whimsical and elegant, and link you to other pinecone projects throughout our website.

Be sure to also check out our page on Fall Senior Activities to get all kinds of activities, projects, and crafts by month – for September, October, and November. Plus lots of unique calendar dates and events for each month.

Our Easy Pinecone Crafts

Pinecone Angel

pinecone angel craft

You can make pinecone crafts such as this angel with all natural materials, or some from the store. I set this on a rustic wooden napkin holder that I got inexpensively at a thrift store.

You will need:

Tall pinecone
2 leaves for wings (artificial leaves work well)
Raffia, or ribbon for the bow
A small bunch of moss for the hair
Acorn with “cap” for the head & hat
Circlet of ribbon
Glue gun or craft glue
Black fine tip marker

First I broke off the top tip of the pinecone in order to have a more even area on which to attach the acorn head.

The head – I drew a simple marker face on the acorn. The acorn already had a cap on its head, so I glued a small bunch of moss hair on the head around the cap. On the very top, the ribbon circlet was glued on as a halo. Then I set the head aside for a minute.     

Next came attaching the leaf wings. If you are using real leaves that you gathered from outside rather than artificial, you will need to iron them the old-fashioned way between wax paper and newspaper, to preserve them. I found that the wings tucked into the grooves of the pinecone, so I put them in place with a few dabs of glue.

Then I glued the acorn head onto the top of the pinecone. Lastly, I made a bow out of a length of raffia (or ribbon), and glued it to the front of the angel. Then put it on its stand.

These pinecone crafts look really nice with several sizes of pinecones, large and small, in a grouping. Add a few flameless candles, and you have a great centerpiece. Or use them at a place setting, or just on a windowsill or shelf for fun.

Pinecone Fairy

This whimsical fairy adds fun and delight wherever you put her. And she’s very easy to do. If you go on a fall walk outside, you could collect pinecones, colored leaves, and twigs or dried plants to use.

Make a couple of these pinecone crafts in different poses. You can also add 2 more twigs for arms if you’d like.

You will need:

Roundish shaped pinecone
2 leaves for wings
Large acorn or wooden bead for the head
A small bunch of moss for the hair
2 twigs or dried plants for the legs/feet
Black and red fine tip markers
Glue gun or craft glue

I cut off the top tip of the pinecone so that the head could sit there securely.
Cut or snap off your sticks or dried plants to the length that you want them. Glue them onto the bottom of the pinecone so that it will sit on the table securely. I found the sticks sort of fit into the grooves of the pinecone. Same with the leaves. They may fit into the grooves in the back of the body, attached with a dab of glue.

Make a smiling face on your acorn or bead with the markers. Glue on a small bunch of moss to the top of the head. This is a fairy, so it can look whimsical! Then glue the head to the top of the pinecone. And you’re done!

Pinecone Santa or Elf

Our easy pinecone crafts wouldn’t be complete without a colorful Santa (or elf – you choose).

You will need:

Pinecone, any shape or size
Googly eyes
Red pom-pom for nose (or bead)
2-3 cotton balls, or fake spider web
Toilet tissue or paper towel tube
Small Santa hat (or make one)
Black paper; & red paper or felt if making a hat
Colorful holiday paper
Bells for shoe toes (or beads or buttons)
Glue gun or craft glue like Tacky Glue

First I assembled the pinecone head by gluing on the eyes, nose, and stretching out a bit of fake spider webbing from Halloween for the beard. Or stretch out cottons balls or rolled cotton. Glue on the beard. Set aside to dry.

Next, I measured and cut a length of wrapping paper scrap to wrap around the cardboard tube. And spread a thin line of glue around the edges to glue it in place.

Then the shoes. These are a simple oval shape cut from black paper (or felt). After cutting, I glued a small bell onto each toe. I also put a line of glue along the bottom rim of the tube where it will touch the shoes, to glue it in place.

Lastly, the hat. I just used a small hat from the craft store. But you can make out of red paper or felt. Just cut a circle, make a slit, and form it into a cone, gluing the edges. (See our template pattern at the santa crafts link below). Decorate the bottom with cotton. Or holiday ribbon.

Make a few of the Santas and line them up on a table, mantle, or serving area. Or with a centerpiece. See more festive santa crafts at this link!

Pinecone Bird

This bird is one of the easier pinecone crafts, submitted by one of our readers in the craft Share Forum.

We wanted to provide the link here to her page so you can take a look at how she made this. She used basic craft items such as paper, feathers, and googly eyes. You can often get some of these materials in thrift stores or dollar stores too.

Just go to her pinecone craft directions.

Pinecone Door Hanger or Ornament

Several of our pinecone crafts can be found on our page all about fall crafts for the elderly.

This pinecone door hanger (for inside or out) could also be used as an ornament. As with many fall crafts, an outing to a park or out in the yard is perfect for gathering items from nature to use. In this case the pinecones, twigs, and dried up flowers stalks. Then add some festive fall ribbon. We explain how to make this at the link provided above.

Pinecone Napkin Tie

This simple but elegant napkin tie is an expensive enough to make for several place settings. You can see that the materials are very simple and gathered from nature.

So if you’re having a party or even for Thanksgiving dinner, check out how to make these.

Again, you can find out how to do it at the link provided above for our fall crafts for the elderly.

Pinecone Fall Centerpiece

If you’re looking for something a little bit more fancy, we show a couple of different centerpieces with pinecones for fall. (One is on our Halloween craft page – link below).

An easy way to make a fall centerpiece is with a terra-cotta pot. They already have a natural orange color, perfect for autumn. We explain how to paint on the clay pots, and give ideas for decorating them into centerpieces on our fall crafts for the elderly page.

Or, if you want something for Halloween, go to our easy Halloween crafts page and learn how to make the clay pot and pinecone centerpiece with harvest moon and bat design.

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