Pinecone Craft

by Patrice
(British Columbia)

pinecone craft bird

pinecone craft bird

Making a pinecone craft is easy and versatile. All you need is a little imagination and a pinecone or two. Then look at its shape and see what it reminds you of. In this case, a funny bird.

You’re going to need a few supplies. Here’s what I used, but you can substitute what I had and use whatever you might have at home instead. One thing to keep in mind is how you’re going to make it stand up. I used a little lump of clay.

A pine cone, any shape or size
Small ball of clay, playdough, etc. to make a stand
Jiggle eyes from the craft store (you could use beads or colored paper too)
Colored paper to make a beak and two feet
A couple feathers for the head and tail
Craft glue or a glue gun

First I glued on the eyes and let them dry for a minute. Then I cut double triangles from paper and glued it on for a beak. Then I stood the bird in its clay ball. You could also use a half of a styrofoam ball to stick it into. Or you may have something else to use.

After that I put spots of glue on the ends of the feathers and inserted them into the pinecone, head and tail.

Finally I cut a shape for the feet (roughly in the shape of a sort of heart, but triangles would work) and then stood the whole bird on top of the feet. Because it was in a stand made of a clay ball, the clay would either have to be the kind to dry thoroughly and then you could glue it to the feet. Or do like I did and just stand it on the feet without actually attaching them.

These would be cute to use to display a place setting name card at a table, or to include in a centerpiece or candle arrangement. Pine cones are a popular item from nature to have in a project in the fall. Or give with a box of candy or other gift. They’re just fun to make! If you make a few in different sizes. The really huge pine cones are really fun to work with and your imagination can go crazy. Then set them all in a row with candles and some other things from nature like natural branches. A row across a fireplace mantle looks really great!

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