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This is a painting of Lord Unnikrishna. It is a fabric painting done on a cloth using fabric colours (which you can get at the craft store).

I first drew the outline and then painted on it, using fabric colours with a brush. And then ironed it on the back of the cloth to get the paint to stick on it after the paint on the cloth dried. Then I took the photo and did some editing (on the computer) in MS-PAINT to get the picture to appear more beautiful.

Here fabric colours are used to paint on a thick paper board, (cardboard – which is mainly used to keep inside of shirts to fold the cloth wrinkle free.) This picture is the end result of my creative imagination of my mind.

Here fabric colours are used to paint in a thick wooden board (which was left over in my house for the electric works). This is a symbolic representation of the Bhagavad Geetha, which is an episode in the great epic, MAHABHARATHA.

I wished to transcribe it somewhere after getting inspired on seeing this picture in a nailcutter.. so I painted on a wooden board using the fabric colours. Within 5-10 mins the picture was ready..

About myself,
I did all these works as a timepass, or to get engaged, myself, in a creative work. Then I thought to make a blog with the works I did. Visit my blog to see more –

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