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This site is handy for those who work with and/or care for seniors, whether in-home or at a campus setting. That includes family members, activity directors, church groups, senior centers, care centers for the elderly, and more. Even teens and kids can get some great ideas here for grandparents and other seniors they know.

It's often family members who need to know how to quickly find information about care for elderly, retirement and senior activity ideas; and more for elderly activities, especially if you (like me) are caring for elderly parents. Sometimes events are new and sudden.

I know. I was in that exact situation with our elderly father. At age 93 he suddenly had to move back here from his home in Arizona. I soon became his primary caregiver, semi-retiring early myself (well, more like re-firing). Dad first started out here in assisted living. But since his health was very good, he actually ended moving in with me! And it's been a joy and an amazing experience.

This cute angel valentine will tickle you pink. (Or someone). Use her to hold a candy (truffles or candy hearts are perfect too), a small box, a piece of keepsake jewelry you’d like to give away, or a valentine. There are all sorts of ways to decorate her too. Feel free, of course, to use…Continue reading

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Winter senior activities are much more than just the holidays in December! Get cozy inside with special events, games, party ideas, crafts, fun recipes and food. There’s lots to do after all the festivities are over and the long months of January and February set in. We’ll give general ideas to plan your winter senior…Continue reading

by Inga (Canada) My chocolate raspberry dessert sauce (or spread) can be used so many ways. And it’s sugar free (if you prefer). You can use it for dipping chocolate, to make chocolate covered strawberries (or use other fruit), as a spread on top of cookies, or as a sauce on top of cake like…Continue reading