Orange Dessert

by Tammy

This orange dessert is made with fresh slices of orange, plus sugar-free orange slice candies, arranged in a circular flower. Very easy to make and delicious to eat! I included a picture so you could get the idea better.

How to Make

5 to 6 slices of fresh orange
5 or 6 pieces of sugar-free jelly orange slices
Scoop of low-fat ice cream, or orange yogurt, or orange sorbet
Whipped cream
Sugar-free malted milk ball, or a truffle, for the center

(If you use ice cream for the center, you need to have the items all ready to assemble, in order to serve and eat it right away). On an attractive plate, place the ice cream, yogurt or sorbet in the center. Put the malted milk ball or truffle on top (or other candy that you’d want to use).

Then arrange the orange slices and the sliced candy around the center, like flower petals. You can add a squirt of whipped cream on the end of each orange. Or put a little piece of candy on the ends instead.

These are nice, healthy desserts to serve for friends or family, when you want something a little different. You can also serve it with Mimosas (champagne or sparkling juice, with orange juice added).

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  1. I thought this would make a neat idea for Halloween since there is so much orange in it. I was having a little luncheon and did a version of this salad for each person on a salad plate. I used orange sherbert in the middle instead of something white. And on top of that I put some black jelly beans. Some of them had the candy corn on top instead. I also used a bunch of the black colored gum drops for around the orange petals. I happen to have some fall colored dishes with oranges and golds in them, so it look perfect. I used this idea at a luncheon just for fun, so I used some Halloween napkins with black in it. For the beverage I had an orange colored punch made with orange juice, with an orange wedge on the edge and one orange candy dropped into the glass. And, I confess, a bit of vodka. It was a real hit though!

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