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No matter what your interests, there are lots of unique October senior activities this month! Much more besides crafts, art ideas, games, parties and decor; and in addition to Halloween and fall! Especially because there are so many designated special days and Month commemorations. And lots of fantastic food themes too!

Themes:  Colored leaves, pods, foliage (great for collages), pinecones, pumpkins and gourds, apples, corn and corn stalks, colored corn, candy corn, scarecrows, crows and ravens, bats, all Halloween themes.

Our October Senior Activities

Commemorations for October

National Apple Months (continued from September) – Many more chances to enjoy apples! Use them in desserts and snacks all month, and crafts. Caramel apples are popular, and easy to eat with sliced apples and dipping caramel or chocolate. You can even decorate them! Be sure to serve apple cider, including sparkling. Don’t miss our apple craft page.

National Stamp Collecting Month – Does someone in your group or family enjoy collection stamps? Have them share their experiences!

National Pizza Month – You gotta have pizza at least once this month. Perhaps offer choices of traditional red sauce, or also a white sauce. And how about a few unusual toppings. Some of my friends love Canadian bacon and pineapple. Others enjoy a taco type. You might offer a hot buffet-style choice with basic pizza slices, i.e. with meat and cheese, and then a variety of toppings that can also be added onto the top. And this is also a great excuse for a party!

National Family History Month – A great time to do memoirs or even an ancestry chart. Researching and sharing are pastimes that are perfect for October senior activities. Someone in our family did the research and made a little booklet for everyone. Dad loves to have me read it to him.

National Drum Month – From traditional Native American tribal drums, to drums from other cultures, to bongos, to timpani. Whether played by hand or sticks, drumming can be an energizing experience.  And can be worked into many party theme ideas. Some are used as “talking” drums to communicate across long distances, and include a type of language in code.

Others are used as an art form, with traditional dance. Then there are military drums and marching band drums. Plus those in a variety of popular bands. The history of drumming is equally intriguing.

Maybe someone in your group has been a drummer in the past (or still is) and can share stories or do a demonstration. Or have a visitor come in, including from schools. Those with hearing loss may also be able to enjoy the beat of the drum, as with Dad.

National Seafood Month – Splurge, and have a special lunch or dinner. Or have a luau or beach-themed party. See our page with lots of ideas for hosting a fishing themed party, and change it out to suit you. 

National Dessert Month – Another splurgeful time of the year. And we have some delicious natural ideas for you on our healthy dessert page, as well as our healthy desserts Forum where readers have shared their favorites!

National Computer Learning Month – Seniors are increasingly interested in computers and updating skills. October senior activities could include a group computer class, updating any community computers on site, and also encouraging family members to participate in passing on the latest info (kids are great at this).

National Cookie Month – See our ideas below. There is an actual Cookie Day too. This month try some different types of cookies, perhaps from other cultures.

National Popcorn Month -  Who’da thunk? Spruce up your popcorn and go gourmet by adding a bit of cheese, or chocolate, or caramel.

Do It Yourself Month – Is there anything in particular your group would like to learn to do themselves? Ask around, and then find volunteers (some of whom may be other members of your community) and offer as many learning experiences as possible. 

National Chili Month – It may begin getting chilly out, so this is a great chili month. Easy to include in a theme lunch or dinner. Perhaps with a western theme. There are different types of chili recipes to try, although your group may just prefer traditional with beef. Otherwise, consider chili with hot dogs, vegetarian, turkey, nacho flavored, or chili with cheese. And this may be another chance to have a little party. (You can’t have too many!)

World Chocolate Month -  Yaaay! And who doesn’t just adore chocolate. All over the world! You may have folks from different cultural backgrounds that can share recipes from their families or homeland. There are endless ways to incorporate chocolate into your October senior activities.

Dates for October

October 1 – Homemade Cookie Day –  Do a cookie (or bar) making activity, especially no-bake. Then eat right away (perhaps while doing another activity), or serve later for a meal or snack with others.

October 2 – Charlie Brown’s Birthday – Peanuts made its debut in 1950 – so watch a Peanuts movie! (Ask your library). A fun craft: make original cartoon placemats by collaging several Peanuts characters on to a master sheet of paper, making lots of colored copies, and then laminating them. Placemats are easy October senior activities that you can make for lots of occasions.

October 3 – Emily Post’s Birthday, 1873 – Do you ever feel that proper etiquette has become a thing of the past? Well celebrate it now – have a proper luncheon, complete with proper garb. An Emily Post book (the library will have one) will give you tips on the etiquette traditions from the past. You may have a few laughs!

October 4 – National Golf Day – You could use a portable putting green, or go to a miniature golf course, or play golf, or even a Wii golf game. If you want to make a craft, glue a variety of colored golf tees around a picture frame (with a photo of your favorite golfer, of course). These are just a few October senior activities with a golf theme.

October 6 – Thomas Edison shows the first motion picture, 1889 – The original invention was called the Kinetophonograph or Kinetophone, said to be developed by his assistant. It was also the talking picture and became a new art form. There is an old movie with Spencer Tracy called “Edison, The Man,” if you can get hold of it. On this day consider showing an old silent movie. But at least a motion picture of some kind, whatever is most popular with your group.

October 10 – National Cake Decorating Day – Have a fun foody activity with either cake or cupcakes. Go all out with icing in tubes, fruit, candies, even an easy marzipan recipe if you want an actual food craft. Or how about using edible flowers?

October 12 – Farmers Day, and World Egg Day – Any meal or dessert rich in eggs will be perfect for this day (and healthy!). And another reason for an outing to visit a farm.

Second Monday of October – Canadian Thanksgiving  – We have lots of readers from Canada too, so we hope some of our October senior activities, crafts, and recipes will be for you too!

October 15 – National Poetry Day – Take a survey ahead of time of favorite poets and poems, make copies, have a poetry reading. Or study about a poet and their life. Longfellow and Robert Frost are always popular. And since it is the month of Halloween and spookiness, so is Edgar Allen Poe.

October 13 – The Navy’s Birthday – Celebrate anyone in your group who served in the Navy, and be sure to play or sing their theme song, “Anchors Away.” Use plenty of blue and white when you decorate. And no doubt many interesting stories will be shared. (Congress passed the Naval Act of 1794; 3 years later in October 1797, the first 3 ships were ready).

October 16 – World Food Day – Participate in a food drive, or help a local food bank or church.

October 16 – Dictionary Day – Play the Dictionary Game, or Scrabble. Indoor games are a cozy “must” to include in your October senior activities.

October 17 – Black Poetry Day – Phillis Wheatley, the first female African American to get published in the U.S., in the 1700s, and whose biography is very moving;  famous Pulitzer Prize winner and Civil Rights activist Maya Angelou; award-winning Langston Hughes, also well-known during the “Harlem Renaissance,” Sterling Brown; Lorna Dee Cervantes; W E B Du Bois (one of the founders of the NAACP), and many more.

October 18 – Little Orphan Annie’s Birthday, 1922 – For the nostalgic among you, and fans of old cartoons and comic strips. Plus there is a movie about her as well; “Annie.”

October 19 – “The Star-Spangled Banner” was first sung – So sing the song on this day, and learn its history.

October 20 – Mickey Mantle’s Birthday, 1931 – One of the best known baseball players of the New York Yankees. He is thought to be the greatest switch hitter ever, and won many awards. Go to a game this month, or watch a movie about baseball, such as “61,” produced by Billy Crystal, on the life of Mickey Mantle. Before baseball winds down, include it in your October senior activities.

October 22 – National Nut Day– Celebrate with any kind of nuts! We have a excellent and raved-about easy pecan pie recipe for you. One of mom’s best desserts.

October 23 – National Make A Difference Day – There are a variety of ways seniors can make a difference, from participating in a food drive, or make a gift basket  for a specific occasion. Perhaps draw names in advance and then participants can do something special for that person. Staff always make a difference too, and this is a nice time to acknowledge them. Also acknowledge seniors in your group who have contributed.

October 25 – National Denim Day — Put on those jeans and denim vests and/or jackets. And hats. Denim is also fun to use in crafts, in a collage or to decoupage on an object.  Handy at sewing? Make a rag doll, hand bag or easy book cover in denim. Or do fabric painting on a piece of denim clothing or accessory. (See templates to use at flower templates page, or leaf template ideas).

We found these simple bottle crafts with denim. Flowers would be easy using 2 colors, making  large and small flowers, then attaching together in the center with a button. Decorate vases and flower pots the same way.

October 25 – Pablo Picasso’s Birthday, 1881-1973 – For those interested in modern art, celebrate Picasso. Add art to your October senior activities. Find images of his work online and give a digital slide show. Maybe during a snack. Someone may also enjoy giving a presentation on his life and art. And try to create paintings or collages with a modern art flair, ala Picasso. Although he began with a more classical style, he’s most widely known for his cubist style. And his quote, “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”

October 27 – Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthday, 1858 – For anyone interested in history, or who may be particularly interested in the presidents, see one of the documentaries about his life. He was especially known for nature and conservation.

October 28 – National Chocolate Day – What a fun celebration to incorporate into your October senior activities. Have a chocolate and wine party, or make a special treat, like learning how to make chocolate covered strawberries, or dipping chocolate!

October 28 – Statue of Liberty’s Birthday – A gift from the people of France to the U.S., it was commemorated in 1886; an icon to freedom and a welcome to immigrants. Perhaps some of your group were immigrants or have family members or friends who were. So share stories. Also display a small statue or photo today.

October 30 – National Candy Corn Day – Have a game or two with your October senior activities. Count the candy corn in the bowl, and offer a special prize for the winner (with a candy corn treat included, of course). The candy corn shape and design are also really popular as a craft motif.

It’s always a fun addition to centerpieces too, such as filling a tall glass with the candies, and then inserting dried foliage, pods, milkweed, cattails, etc. Tie a few strands of raffia around the glass, and you’ve got an instant and easy centerpiece.

Decorate cupcakes and cookies with candy corn for a special treat. Include in trail mix or party mix. Some ladies have even painted a fingernail or two like candy corn too! Just in time for Halloween.

October 31 – Halloween! – Almost everyone has plans in place for October senior activities for Halloween. See our page with easy Halloween crafts, which also has some treats.

We also have a special page on Halloween Treats for Seniors! Both whimsical and delicious!

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