Mural Painting!

by Rev. S. Carmona
(Palm Beach, Florida)

Lets Paint!

Lets Paint!

Get some used bed flat sheets from the thrift store. Wash them and iron them. Hang them up against a wall in an ALF patio or other outdoor area. Tell residents that they are going to paint the town.

Have some 40’s or 50’s music on the background with cookies or brownies in the oven for scent. Make sure to have a pitcher of iced lemonade and cups on a table in the patio.

Give sponge or bristle brushes to residents. Have aides hold tin cans nearby that have been filled with paint (water colors or poster paints). Assist the seniors in dipping the brushes in the can and tell them to paint on the sheet. They can all stand in a row in front of the sheets painting.

After they are done they can be given a cookie to eat. Have them drink lemonade in between in case its hot outside. Display their work at a morning meeting or at a special function.

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