Fun Mouse Craftsfor Seniors and Elderly

Hershey mouse in teacup

The mouse crafts theme is ever popular!
These are simple senior activities (you can modify for those who may need help). And kids love them – especially the ones they can eat later!

Uses – Use these mouse crafts as a gift along with a special heirloom or keepsake that you’d like to pass on. It makes the gift doubly fun.

Or as ornaments, with place cards at parties, attached to tops of packages, hanging several together as a mobile (wooden skewers for kabobs work great), or included in affordable centerpieces, candle arrangements, and seasonal decorations.

Easy Mouse Crafts

Black Mini Mouse

mouse craft with cheese

You’ll need:
Miniature terracotta pot
2 googly eyes
Small red or pink bead (or candy) for the nose
Half of a Styrofoam ball for the tail end
Tail – a shoelace, string or piece of yard
Felt or fleece cut to shape for ears
Paint and brush
Clear glass dish
Selection of a few cheeses for the dish

To make these mouse crafts, cut the end off of a Styrofoam ball so it will fit over the opening of your pot, forming the tail end. Glue it in place. When the glue is dry, paint the pot and Styrofoam your chosen color.

Cut a length of shoelace or yarn or string. A plastic shoelace end can be stuck directly into the Styrofoam. Otherwise, a straight pin, especially one with a round head, can attach the tail. Glue on the eyes and nose. Cut 2 small half circles of felt for the ears.

Apply glue the bottom side of the ridge of the pot, to attach the ears. You can also attach small felt paws on the underside of the pot. This will keep it from rolling. Or using double-sided tape helps keep it in place, depending on what you are using the mouse for.

These are also really cute to add to gifts or as part of centerpieces. The black ones are great at Halloween time as well! Just use seasonal candy colors in the dish.

Chocolate Mouse

chocolate mouse craft

You need:
Large malted milk ball,
Or a truffle (including white),
Or other round chocolate candy
Tail – I used a slice of licorice rope;
Or thin piece of string cheese
Chocolate frosting (the kind in a tub works fine) to use as “glue”
Or white squirt frosting in a tube
(good if using white chocolate for the mouse)
2 small candies for eyes
Small candy for nose
Mini muffin cup to set it in
You can use disposable vinyl gloves if you’d like, while working with food.

All pieces are attached together using frosting as “glue” so it’s edible! It’s easiest to apply with the end of a toothpick, for small items. When all the parts are attached, simply put the mouse in its muffin cup and place it on top of, or next to another dessert. Or with cheeses, on a party platter, or as a party favor.

Hershey Kiss Mouse in a Teacup

Mouse chocolate crafts made with Hershey Kisses are really popular and take just a few minutes to make. Besides cute ornaments, we have other ideas for gifts and even a centerpiece.

These Hershey Kiss mice are a perfect project to enhance an heirloom or keepsake that you’d like to hand down to a loved one. Or to give as a special gift to a friend (young or old). Ours is arranged in an antique teacup. But that is only one possibility. Click the link to learn more: Hershey Kiss Mouse Chocolate Crafts.

Donut Hole Mouse

mouse donut craft

You’ll need:
Donut hole(s) of your choice:
Chocolate, glazed, sugar, powdered sugar, etc.
Tail – A slice of licorice rope
Or thin piece of string cheese
Chocolate frosting
Or white squirt frosting
(in a tube, to use as “glue”)
Small candies for eyes
Small candy for nose
Mini muffin cup to set it in
Again, you can use disposable vinyl gloves if you’d like
Another donut or sweet roll to set the mini mouse on!

Assemble the mouse as usual, using the frosting as glue. It will all then be edible. You can also place the mouse on top of a larger donut, sweet roll or coffee cake. These are fun to serve for special breakfasts or coffee get-togethers.

Chocolate Strawberry Mice

Dipping strawberries in chocolate (and you can make it in many colors) is a simple and really cute way to make mouse crafts. Try orange for Halloween, and green with a red nose for Christmas. Learn how to make chocolate covered strawberries the easy way! There are lots of things on that page beside mice — like, flowers, bunnies, frogs, chicks and birds. And a variety of colorful plain types as well.

Bookmark Bead Mouse

mouse bookmark craft

Our mouse bookmark craft is really cute and is created with large beads and a shoestring. It peeps out of the top of the book when it’s closed, and is very easy to make. So make a few and give them as gifts along with a favorite book, to friends and loved ones. Go to: Mouse Bookmark Craft.

Whimsical Wood Mouse

wood mouse craft

Whimsical Wood Mouse Crafts — These charming little mice made with a honey stick are fun for both men and women to do. They have loads of uses, plus they’re perfect gifts you can make. And you can actually use the honey stick later too, if you make them a certain way. And it’s all very easy.

Pear Salad Mouse

They’re actually a pair of mice. And these cute pear salad mice are both healthy and fun to create (and eat) for parties, family, friends. Fresh pears are available all year, or you can used canned. See the larger sample and learn how, plus different options to enhance your salad! Learn more: Pear Salad Mouse.

Take a look at the cute mouse craft a reader submitted…Marshmallow Crafts for Seniors

marshmallow mouse craft

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