Mouse Bookmark Craft

Our mouse bookmark craft is really cute and created with large beads. It peeps out of the top of your book when it’s closed. Very simple to make, and delightful to use or give away (maybe along with their favorite book)!

Try different kinds of beads! Something sparkly, vintage, or from old jewelry to give it a little style.

bead mouse craft

This amusing mouse is a fun project for elderly activities. It does involve gluing a few small parts, so some who have elderly issues that may limit hand work, may need a little help with parts of the project. But the result is delightful, so do give it a try.

Mouse Bookmark Craft – Instructions

You will need:

  • Craft glue (Tacky Glue is good)
  • Scissors
  • A shoestring about 12 inches long
  • Toothpick or opened paper clip, to help push the cord through the bead
  • 1 large oval bead
  • 2 smaller oval beads – one for the tail end, one for the nose
  • Small piece of black felt, for ears
  • Small pompom for nose tip
  • 2 small googly eyes
  • Optional: black fine-tipped Sharpie marker to draw a smile

Bead Body — A shoestring is ideal for the mouse bookmark craft because it has a plastic pointed end that slides easily through the bead. We used the plastic pointed end as the tail.

So string the beads for the head and mouse nose, onto the string so that the pointed part is at the tail end. First, slide on the bead that goes down by the tail. You can tie a knot by the end of the plastic point, so the bead does not slide off the end.

Head — Then slide on the large bead for the head, then the nose bead. When the beads are on, leave a little bit of the string sticking out from the mouse nose, which you will clip off later.

Again, you can tie a knot at the back of the mouse’s head, so the bead does not slide around too much. (Unless you want it to slide). When the beads are on, then it’s time to decorate the mouse bookmark craft.

Ears & Eyes — Cut two ears from the black felt, so that they have a little “tab” on the lower end. You fold this tab in order to glue the ears onto the head. Apply a little glue to the tab and stick on the ears.

When the ears were dried, I also patted a little glue on to the top side of the ear tabs, just to make sure they stayed in place. Glue on the googly eyes.

Nose — When you’re ready to do the nose, trim the string down flush with the bead. Or pull it back into the bead just a little bit. Then put a little blob of glue at the end of the bead. Let it get tacky, then press the pompom onto the end of the nose bead. The glue and the pompom will keep the nose bead from sliding off the string on that end.

If you’d like, you can take a permanent, fine tipped marker like a Sharpie, and draw a smiley mouth under the nose. Your mouse bookmark craft is now complete!

Make sure everything has dried well before using it. And have fun with your new book buddy!

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