Mini Snack Cracker Pizzas

by Angela

These mini cracker pizzas are really easy, and are yummy nutritious snacks to have around. We like to serve them at games or get-togethers too.

My elderly father likes to eat small portions. So I came up with this little snack that is like a mini pizza. It’s got a lot of good ingredients that make almost a full nutrition meal. He can eat as many as he likes. And you don’t have to warm it up unless you want to. Sometimes he does like to eat them chilled, or room temperature right after making them. We use healthy ingredients on them, as fresh as possible, as we’re trying to be conscious of his nutrition.

How To Make Them…

Box of small, whole grain crackers (we like low sodium Triscuits, but there are lots of others out there).
Leftover meat – turkey, chicken, ham, sausage, low-sodium bacon, etc.
Pizza sauce
Slice of cheese
Slice of mushroom
Slice of red or green pepper
Slice of onion (if you like onion)
Whatever else you like on pizza!

Just spread several crackers out on a cookie sheet. Next spread on a little pizza sauce. Next layer is your meat. I like to use leftovers of meat I’ve made myself. That way I can control the amount of salt, which is important for Dad. Using turkey or chicken is especially good. Then layer on whatever vegetables you are using. Then a slice of cheese. You can bake them at about 325 degrees for maybe ten minutes to warm them up and to melt the cheese, but it’s really not necessary. They are really good not warmed! But I don’t recommend using a microwave, because they tend to get sort of soggy, instead of crisp.

Dad can still do a little cooking, so I put the different ingredients in zip bags or small containers. Then he can make them himself.

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