Metallic Foil Angel Craft

by Donna

This blue metallic angel ornament is eye-catching and easy to make. The special sheets of foil can be found at most craft stores. But you could use any kind of heavy foil paper or sheets.

My friend learned this craft from another friend years ago, and then taught it to me. So we’ve made several and given them as gifts. They’re nice for Easter, Christmas, red for Valentine’s Day, or even for birthdays. Here’s what you do.


Craft wire (silver or gold looks nice)
Sheet of craft foil
Large bead – for head
Markers to make face
Doll hair (or a fluffy cotton ball for hair is cute too)
Ribbon for at neck
Glue gun or strong glue
Needle nose pliers
Thread to hang it

For the dress — Cut a rectangle from a sheet of foil, about 8 inches wide and 4 inches high.
Fold it like a fan. Gather the folds together at the top.
Cut about 12 inches of craft wire and wind it around through the holes at the top to secure it. Leave one end long, because you will use this to attach the wings to the dress.
For the wings — Cut another rectangle of foil about 10 inches long and 3 inches high.
Fold it like a fan. Take some craft wire and wind it at the middle to secure it.
Take the long wire from the dress and wind it around the wings to put them together.
Take another wire and loop it around the top of the wings, then run it through the bead, to attach the head to the wings/dress. Make a loop on the end of the wire with a needle nose pliers, so it won’t pull out of the hole on the top of the head.
You can also attach a thread to this loop to hang it. The hair will hide the loop.
Draw on the face, and glue on the hair.
Attach a bow with glue at the neck.
For the halo, you can take another wire, form it in a circle with the pliers, and insert it into the hole on the top of the head. Or you can make a halo out of a garland, small flowers, ribbon, etc. It doesn’t have to be wire.

I gave a couple of these to my elderly mother, and she loved them so much she wanted to make them too. She hangs them in her window. At her retirement home she belongs to a craft class for the elderly there. Now the whole class is making them.

You can make a mobile out of these by hanging three or four with thread, at different levels, from a tree branch or wooden dowel. It just takes a little experimenting to get it to balance. Then put a spot of glue at the thread when you get it right, so it doesn’t slide down the stick and get off balance again! Hope you like this!

Editor’s Note: We also have more fun angels crafts at Fun and Fabulous Craft Angels.


  1. Hello

    Where’s did you get the foil sheet from for the dress please?
    Thank you

    Editor’s Note: I believe our reader said she got it at a craft store.

  2. Thanks Donna!
    This is such a fun and colorful craft that I have featured it at the top of our main Share Your Craft page! We will also be having a slide show on either the same page, and possibly our main Easy Craft Ideas page (the button on the Menu Bar) – so keep posted!

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