Memo Board

by Keri H
(Lancaster, Ohio)

Memo Holder

Memo Holder

We chose two pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper and glued them on to a piece of cardboard, half on top and the other on bottom half. Then glued a coordinating piece of ribbon across the seam to separate the two (and to cover the seam).

We then glued some of the scraps onto other things that will be glued to the board: a few clothes pins, a roll of toilet paper (for the pen holder) and another piece of cardboard folded into a box that will be used to hold a pocket size tablet of paper.

I wish I would have taken pictures on how to do the box, it’s kind of hard to explain. But I folded thick scrapbook paper into a box-like shape where it was only open on top (to slide paper into), almost like wrapping a present. I stapled the bottom of the toilet paper roll together, then glued the toilet paper roll to the board where desired, then glued the back of folded box, and then glued on clothes pins.

We used many items to decorate ( flowers, cut outs, ribbons). We then used a hole punch on the top corners to add a string or ribbon to hang them up. I work with elderly residents that live in their own apartments, and this turned out perfect for them. It hangs great outside their door and it has a place for a pen, paper, and the clothes pins hold the “messages” that are left.

I also tried to glue some magnets to the back so it could be hung on a metal door or refrigerator but my magnets were not strong enough. Hope you enjoy!

Editor’s note: A very clever idea, Keri. And the photo illustrates very well how the different components are decorated and attached. For making the small box that is to hold a small tablet of paper, I think readers could do an online search on how to fold a box. It shouldn’t be difficult.

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