Marshmallow Crafts for Seniors

by Peg

marshmallow angel crafts

marshmallow angel crafts

marshmallow angel crafts

marshmallow bug craft

marshmallow mouse craft

marshmallow train craft

I’ve come up with some really cute candy and marshmallow crafts for seniors that we can use for different times of the year including holidays. And they’re all edible! So I thought I’d show a few here to share. I work with activities for seniors at a senior center, and we enjoy making things for parties, lunches, etc. Or just to bring home too. These would be easy to make with children as well. I am showing 4 photos here, and will explain how we made them.

Marshmallow Angel Craft

Items to use:
3 large marshmallows
3 small doilies
edible gel markers, or food coloring markers
tube frosting
small candy cup with candies
curly white ribbon
craft glue

Angel on the left – – this was very simple. I just filled a little candy cup with candies and placed a large marshmallow on the top or the head. The eyes and mouth on the marshmallow had were colored on with the edible gel markers. I squirted on some of frosting from a tube for the hair. The wings were cut out of half of a doily. And glued onto the back of the cop with a dab of craft glue. Then I put it on a doily. This is cute at a place setting, and you can also have a name take by the candy cup if you’d like.

Angel on the right – – this was just as easy. Attached to marshmallows together with a toothpick. Again, color on the face with the edible gel markers. Set it on its doily, and arrange some curly ribbon around the body marshmallow. Instead of using glue to attach the doily wings, I use some tube frosting to attach them.

Marshmallow Bug Craft

Items to use:
3 large marshmallows
2 caramels, or other square candy. Large gumdrops would also work
8 marshmallows for the feet, or other candy
2 small candies for the eye
2 fancy toothpicks – or plain toothpicks with candies on top
edible gel markers to draw the spots and face
tube frosting

First using the edible gel markers, color spots and the smiley mouth on the marshmallows. Glue the marshmallows and caramels together with the tube frosting. Then attach the feet to the body with frosting. Attached the eye with frosting also. Then just stick in the two toothpick antennas on the top of the head. Of course you can make it is long as you want. These are cute to use at a garden themed party – like a caterpillar in the garden. You can even arrange some plants and foliage and flowers around it.

Marshmallow Mouse Craft

Items to use:
1 small doily
1 large marshmallow
piece of licorice rope for the tail
2 red gumdrops for the ears
1 cone shaped candy for the snout
a candy for the nose tip
2 candies for the eyes
4 jellybeans or other candies for the feet
tube frosting

For this mouse I tried to stick with the general color scheme of pinks and reds. You can actually get pink marshmallows too, but I didn’t have one.

First I cut a piece of licorice rope into a thin strip with scissors for the tail, and pressed down one end of it with my thumbs to make it flatter. This end I attached to the underneath of the marshmallow with a blob of tube frosting.

I attached the snout candy to the front of the marshmallow with a thick ridge of tube frosting. Then I attached a small candy for the nose tip. A small candy was attached towards the top of the marshmallow for the eye. Next the 4 feet were attached with frosting.

I took 2 red gumdrops, and with the scissors I cut off 2 round slices. Next I cut off a piece of the bottom of each gumdrop circle, so it would have a flat bottom that I could use to attach it to the marshmallow head. The ears attach better if they have a flat bottom. When everything is assembled, put it on your doily, small plate, etc. This would also sit cute on top of a salad.

Marshmallow Craft Train

Items to use:
2 jumbo long pretzels, attached together with 2 twisties, for the base
4 jumbo marshmallows
6 candy coins, or other around candies as wheels
4 or 8 pieces of gum, or other square candy for windows
tube frosting
small cracker for front of train, or square of chocolate
3 colored candies to decorate the top
1 carmel, 1 small gumdrop, 1 Hershey’s kiss for smokestack
(You can use any other candies too that have the same basic shapes)

First I made the base of the train by putting twisties around two jumbo pretzels. The twisties keep them together. Then I used tube frosting to attach the 4 marshmallows both to the base and to each other.

Next I put on the pieces of gum for the windows, with tube frosting. You can put them just on one side of the train if you want to. I then attached the coin wheels to the train. Then the candies on top, and the slanted cracker at the front of the train.

The 3 pieces of the smokestack were also assembled with tube frosting – the carmel on the bottom, next a small gumdrop and I flattened down the top side, then a Hershey’s kiss on top. When these were assembled I attached the whole smokestack to the train. Lots of fun in a centerpiece.

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