Top March Senior Activities

We probably are all familiar with March senior activities like St. Patrick’s Day and the coming of spring. But there are so many more March and spring activities as well!

Take a look at our suggestions below – both the general commemorations for the month and also specific calendar dates for some fun activities to add to your agenda.

With all these possibilities, planning in advance should be a lot easier! And adding a bit of spontaneity too.

Our March Senior Activities

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Leprechaun

I just had to sneak in a special March project since I’ve been on a roll with chocolate covered strawberries — a little leprechaun for your March senior activities. Great for parties, dessert, at place settings, prizes, etc.

Following the directions below, or get more details at how to make chocolate covered strawberries.

Melt a cup or so of white chocolate chips in the microwave (for 30 seconds, then stir, then 15 second intervals after that, until the last chips are almost melted).

Add a drop of green food coloring, and stir. Slice off the leaf end of the berries so they are flat – so the hat will sit on the head well. Dip the berries in the chocolate, then lay them on wax paper on a plate.The wide part will be the top of the head. Later you’ll put a beard on the narrow chin area.

Press in a candy for the nose while the chocolate is still soft. You can put in candy eyes too. Put the berries in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes so the chocolate can harden. Then I “painted” in eyes with a paint brush and black (or chocolate) icing in a tube, as well as the mouth.

THE BEARD — Put a bit of white frosting in a tub, or tube icing, into a dish. Add a drop of yellow and red food coloring, to make orange. Mix. Apply with a toothpick in a U-shape around the chin and up the sides of the face.

THE HAT – Was made by painting an old spool from thread black, and gluing it onto a large black button for the rim. Or use colored paper. Add a shamrock (you can make your own too). Just take off the hat before eating!

I placed the leprechaun in a green bottle cap as a stand so he wouldn’t tip. Then put it on top of an upside-down green goblet, with a shamrock garland around it. There are many ways you can display them.

Commemorations for March

National Craft Month – Crafts are some of the most popular March senior activities, no matter what the age or ability group. Check out our very popular set of crafts books – Easy Crafts and Gifts. It includes a FREE bonus book of templates to use in projects! Plenty for March senior activities.

We have other ideas on our website too, and many can easily be modified to fit other seasons. So take a look at our “craft central” page at Easy Craft Ideas and see what appeals to you. Lots of ideas for spring!

…A fun group craft activity could be getting inexpensive plain wooden birdhouses, and each group member painting and decorating theirs as desired. Then mount them all onto a long piece of wood and display in a garden area (as shown in the picture at the top of the page).

American Red Cross Month – The Red Cross began in 1906, and President Obama has proclaimed March as the official month to honor the Red Cross. It is actually an international effort with loads of opportunity for volunteer work or ways to raise money to donate to their causes. Add a little good-will to your March senior activities… This is a good time to invite a Red Cross member to come to your group and give a talk about what they do in your area and how you might be able to help. The Red Cross helps with disasters, health and safety, military and their families, blood donations, and many international efforts. Visit their website at

Kite Month – In many states, March is already a mild month, windy, and perfect for flying kites. If you been cooped up all winter, favorite March senior activities involve finally going outside. You can also have an activity for kite making, and hobby stores have very easy kits. For those who need wheelchairs, kite flying is an opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy this traditional activity.

Women’s History Month – Celebrate the many contributions made by women around the world. And throughout history. Consider a wide variety from Queen Elizabeth I, to Sacajawea, to Betsy Ross, to Harriet Jacobs, to Mme. Curie, to Betsy Ross, to Rosa Parks, plus a wide variety in the entertainment and political worlds. You may find a movie (including from the library) or short biography about their lives to share.

Nutrition Month – Good nutrition is a priority for seniors and elderly. Especially since older folks like to snack rather than eat large meals. Get delicious ideas on our “recipe central” page of easy, healthy recipes; as well as some wonderful healthy snack recipes.

Non-Fiction Reading Month – Some March senior activities can be done inside or out depending on the weather. And reading is one of them. Find out what topics appeal most to your group, and study them for a month with a sort of book club and readings, perhaps along with a short talk, about that topic. Many seniors enjoy reading fiction, but reading nonfiction also keeps the brain alert. Plus it allows readers to expand their knowledge and widen their horizons about the topic they are interested in.

Nonfiction Writing Month – If you have people interested in writing, why not put out a special newsletter for Nonfiction Writing Month featuring articles or stories written by members of your group, for unique March senior activities. Perhaps a unique story about their life, travels, or perspectives. Who knows. It may become popular and turned into a bimonthly or quarterly endeavor.

Poetry Month  – This is an opportunity to celebrate the work of famous poets, but also the poets in your midst. Or, if you have someone with experience in writing poetry, perhaps he/she could give a talk or teach a short seminar on the topic, encouraging the “inner poet” in those who are participating. If you have a group that is very interested in poetry, invite a teacher, professor, etc., to come and give a presentation.

Optimism Month – Who couldn’t use a bit more optimism? (Except possibly Pollyanna — perhaps a good movie to see this month). This month put your March senior activities in happy mode as much as possible. The purpose of an actual Optimist Club (see is to bring out the best in themselves and others, including kids, civic activities, and the government.

Perhaps one of your group had been or is a member of such a club and could give a presentation about it and ideas of what to do during this month. There is the chapter in just about every city internationally, with tens of thousands of volunteers.

On a smaller scale though, put small signs with positive messages on the dining room table(s), and whatever groups you already have going can especially emphasize optimism during this month, especially kind things you can do for each other.

National Peanut Butter Month – Lots of opportunity for yummy peanut butter treats this month – from peanut butter on celery, to cookies, to bars, to cupcakes, to peanut butter on toast, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and let’s not forget peanut butter candies and ice cream treats. Plenty of ideas for every week in the month.
Easter – Sometimes Easter is in the month of March. Check your calendar for this date. Easter is a good time for special crafts, including making decorative placemats, napkin holders, and special occasion food.

Dates For March Senior Activities

March 1 – Yellowstone National Park Anniversary – When you want a few March senior activities that can be done indoors, the next few are examples. This is an excellent day to present a slideshow (especially a selection of travel pictures from your group) or documentary about this park. You may know that Yellowstone is actually a giant volcanic crater, which some scientists believe has become slightly active again. There are very interesting documentaries all about this.

March 2 – Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, 1904 – People both young and old love the zany rhymes of Dr. Seuss. Pick a favorite and read it aloud, especially with kids — perhaps “Horton Hatches the Egg,” or “The Cat in the Hat.” Your March senior activities can certainly include children and family. There are also movies based on his stories. Do you know when and how and why he started writing his stories? A wonderful topic to research

March 3  – Alexander Graham Bell birthday, 1847 – What would we do without the telephone! Which of course has now evolved into the cell phone. What a long ways this device has come! Mr. Bell was one of those inventors that never gave up, and his story is fascinating. Some of your group may remember what it was like not to have a phone at all, including in a vacation home, or what it was like to have to call the operator when you wanted to make a phone call. You can have a lively discussion about this, and also about his life.

March 4 – National Anthem Day – “The Star-Spangled Banner” was a poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key after watching the British attack Chesapeake Bay. The story is moving, and of course so is the song. Be sure to feature it during this day.

March 5 – National Chocolate Cheesecake Day – Yum! A must to have for dessert or a special party! Find any excuse to have a party for your March senior activities. And we have a fabulous healthy chocolate cheesecake recipe submitted by one of our readers.

March 6 – Artist Michelangelo’s Birthday, 1475 – Michelangelo is one of the world’s most famous Renaissance artists. Almost everyone is familiar with his art. But are you familiar with his life? The life and times during the Renaissance were truly different, and an artist had to be not only talented, but somewhat politically savvy as well. His is an interesting story. You’ll be able to find movies about his life, possibly at the library. This is a good day for an art history presentation, especially with slides. You will be able to find many images from Michelangelo’s art online. It would be stunning if you have a way to project them on a large screen, perhaps during a special lunch or dinner.

March 8 – Farmers Day – Farmers are gearing up for planting season, but many people are unfamiliar with what it really takes to be a farmer. You might have a member of your group who used to be a farmer and who can give a talk about how it used to be and how it is now, including organic farming and non-GMO crops. Or have a local farmer come in.

And be sure to decorate tables with a farm theme and serve some down home cooking. Use farm themes in your arts and crafts too!

March 9 – Harriet Tubman Day – Born in 1812, Harriet was an African American who  lived during the Civil War and who was a famous humanitarian and spy during that time. With great courage she helped save the lives of many slaves, establishing safe houses and helping with the underground railroad. Her story is an exciting one, and worth studying on this day. The times were certainly different in the 1800s!

March 9 – National Crab Meat Day – Even if you do not live near the ocean where crab meat is more readily available, you can get it at the grocery store sometimes fresh or frozen, and certainly canned, which is quite reasonable. If you are looking for easy and healthy crab recipes, check out ideas our readers have submitted – one for crab cakes, and a delicious crispy crab appetizer, on our reader recipe forum at more healthy snack recipes. Another delicious excuse to include food in your March senior activities.

March 13 – Uncle Sam’s Birthday – Do you know where the idea of Uncle Sam came from, and when? Some say it began around 1775 and was mentioned in the lyrics of the Yankee Doodle song, although it’s questionable whether this character was a metaphor or modeled after a real person named Sam. Others say the legend cropped up during the war of 1812 and was named after a Samuel Wilson.

The famous image of Uncle Sam recruiting soldiers began during the Civil War, with his goatee and famous top hat. Look up the history of Uncle Sam and discuss it, or put flyers at your tables.

If you’re looking for craft ideas for your March senior activities, try something patriotic in red white and blue, including decorations, see our 4th of July crafts page.

March 14 – Albert Einstein’s Birthday, 1879 – Perhaps one of the most famous and recognizable scientists, Albert Einstein was a real character. A giant in the world of physics, he developed two important ideas still used in physics today: the general theory of relativity, and the theory of quantum mechanics. Although he was born in Germany, he visited and remained in the United States when Hitler came into power, and became an American citizen.

He is also well known for his pithy quotations. One of my favorites is, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” You can easily find books and possibly a documentary about Einstein in the library. And most probably one of his famous photos. So celebrate the life and work of this zany scientist!

March 15 – The Ides of March – Julius Caesar was assassinated, 44 BC. This date was actually an important date on the Roman calendar, but became most famous when Julius Caesar was assassinated. You may be familiar with Shakespeare’s famous quote from his play, Julius Caesar: “Beware the Ides of March.” For those interested in history, a review of this event and Caesar’s life can be quite interesting. There is also a film from 1953 and titled Julius Caesar, starring Marlon Brando and Deborah Kerr.

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – Most likely your March senior activities include plans for St. Patrick’s Day. But if you’re looking for a cute craft to do too, take a look at our page all about making little leprechauns out of corks. See our page on cork leprechaun craft ideas.

March 20 – First Day of Spring – Yaaay! What do you do to celebrate the first day of spring? A special dessert? Perhaps using edible flower petals? (See our page about edible flower recipes!) A spring related craft? Again, see our main page with easy craft ideas, and find one that you can use or modify for spring.

March 21 – Pizza Day – Always a favorite, pizza can be the regular down-home style that everyone is used to. But why not also offer something a little different? A little gourmet? Perhaps Canadian bacon with melon; or use feta cheese instead of regular; sun dried tomatoes and more unusual vegetables like artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.. Maybe grilled shrimp; Thai chicken; chicken Alfredo. And do try a whole-grain crust too.

Perhaps a special dessert pizza with apples, almonds, or even chocolate. You might also devise a breakfast style pizza. Mini pizzas can also be made on slices of cucumber, zucchini, or even Triscuits, instead of using a traditional crust. Perfect for appetizers! Another party day for your March senior activities – and you could also include making the pizzas as an activity itself.

March 23 – Liberty Day – Date of Patrick Henry’s famous speech, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,” in 1775. This moving speech could be read at a meal time or special snack time. Perhaps have a discussion of what the idea of liberty means now, and is it the same as in former years.

March 26 – Robert Frost’s Birthday, 1874 – This Pulitzer Prize for Poetry winner was from the new England area, and is one of the most familiar poets in America. Add a little literature appreciation to your March senior activities. His poem, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, is one of his most famous. It is fairly short and easy to read aloud. Especially coming out of winter, the phrase “the woods are lovely, dark and deep,” are very meaningful.

March 30 – National Hot Dog Day – What do you like to put on a hot dog? Don’t forget to celebrate this food day, complete with a variety of toppings for the hot dogs. Depending on your climate, you may be able to make this into a picnic.

March 30 – Artist Vincent van Gogh’s Birthday, 1853 – As an artist myself, I always loved the art of van Gogh. His story is both inspiring and tragic. This Dutch Post Impressionist painter moved to France where he painted some of his most notable art. You may be familiar with his paintings entitled, “The Starry Night,” or his many paintings with sunflowers.

You may remember the lovely song about van Gogh by musician Don McLean called “Starry Starry Night.” A perfect and moving song to celebrate his birthday. There is also a film from 1956 about his life called, “Lust for Life.”

For the art enthusiasts in your group, add a little creative flair to your March senior activities and have a painting project in which you “reproduce” one of his pieces of art. Or simply get an art book of his work from the library and do a short presentation.

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